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Thursday, July 31, 2014

MTC, Wall-E, padawan, Hawaii bound

it's kind of strange e-mailing you now considering I was with you about 48 hours ago, although it feels like a couple weeks for me already. It was a VERY long day and I was just about dead by the end of it. My brain was more fried than Wall-E's when he gets shocked by AUTO and thrown down the garbage shoot! But nevertheless it was still an awesome day as was yesterday and as today is looking up to be!! :)

so yeah, I mentioned before by my companion is Elder G. He's a pretty awesome guy! Basically all of my district except for one other person are all from Utah and all 18 fresh out of high school! it's so weird it makes me feel super old and I'm not even that much older than any of them! haha! ...well kinda, Elder G is pretty young. He just barely turned 18 like a month before we entered the MTC! Crazy right?! but the Lord is hastening his work and he's a prime example of that! He's also a prime example of how the Lord qualifies those that he calls, I guess we all are in a way. We're all super inadequate in some form of another and those who say they aren't are inadequate when it comes to humility! haha! but despite all of our inadequacies we all still get up in the morning and we all put on our badges and we all still WORK! A LOT! and you know what? the work gets done! :)

Anyway, sorry if this letter is a little odd and rambly as well. I'm still super tired and a little overwhelmed by the whole thing. I don't know if it's supposed to be this way but honestly the MTC has almost been more work than the actual mission field was! (well kind of... in different ways I suppose). We're just constantly bouncing from one meeting to another and wandering around campus and through building and studying A LOT!! I kind of imagine it's like Jedi Training. It's super crazy hard when you're a padawan and just trying to keep up, but by the time you're a Jedi Master like Qui-gon Jin you still work hard but it's so much easier and your mind is cleared and well you're just a BEAST!! ......then again that is Liam Neson and I don't know if anyone can be quite as beast as him. Also I guess Qui-gon is a bad example since he dies at the end of the movie..... but still I'd like to think of this place as a sort of Jedi Academy except instead of the force it's the spirit and instead of blasters and lightsabers we have teaching pamphlets and Book of Mormon's (......although it would be way cool if we had lightsabers as well).

Anyway, yeah enough rambling for today! we've got work to do!!! (except it's p-day so by work I mean a nap... but either way!) haha! So until next week! keep working hard, and don't forget to be awesome!! :)


Well my two years are up! I'm coming home!! .....right? ...wait.... it's only been ONE WEEK?!?!?! WHAT?!?!?!?!?! Seriously though this has been a LOOONNNNGGGG week!! That being said, if it were to end now I've already learned SO much here at the MTC I can only imagine what it will be like at the actual end of two years in the service of the Lord! And needless to say I am VERY excited for that! :)

Anyway! So general update, that's GREAT to hear about the reunions and such! Be sure to tell the family hi and I love and miss them all and that I'm praying for them! As for us at the MTC everything is going great as well!! We work VERY long hours and it's EXTREMELY exhausting but it's great! The spirit here is so incredible! There's honestly a stronger spirit here than there is force on Degoba! It's great! Oh also be sure to tell Grandpa I'm very disappointed but I won't be here next week to hear him speak. :( Although I think this is a new record, I've gone the whole week so far with out anyone identifying me as Kolipoki's grandson! haha! (although I get the feeling that will change when we actually get to Hawaii) I guess Elder Gerber knows but apparently it's not that big of a deal since he went to school with two of President Eyring's grandchildren who are actually both here at the MTC with us right now. haha! Utah's crazy! ANYWAY sorry I'm digressing... I don't even know what I was talking about. It's been a long week and I'm still a little brain dead especially when it comes to "normal" conversations that aren't about "where I'm from and where I'm going" or teaching about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But I suppose that's a good thing! haha!

Oh right! so I fly out to Hawaii Monday morning!! I am going to Hawaii!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!! I can't wait to meet my trainer and the people and the culture and the weather and food and EVERYTHING!!!!! haha! I'm just super excited! :)

Oh! also we've been teaching what's called a TRC investigator (not sure what TRC stands for but basically it's just like a fake investigator) but anyway, it's been way cool! It's funny cause he's DEFINITELY a member cause he's broken character a few times and he's started teaching us at times about different Gospel principles or pulling out exact stories and scriptures from memory from Ether when we gave him a Book of Mormon the day before and just kinda stuff like that but he's still just an awesome guy! haha! Again it's weird cause it's fake and such but it's a great experience especially for the new missionaries here to get the chance to know what it's like to teach with the spirit and teach someone who's not just another missionary. haha! Anyway, yeah it's cool!

Well hey sorry this letter has been all over the place! hopefully they'll become more cohesive as time goes on but if not you can always just pray for the gift of interpretation of tongues or just find a Urim and Tummim and maybe then you'll be able to make at least a little bit more sense out of everything than my brain can... but yeah, well we've gotta go but I'll talk to you guys next week from HAWAII!! :D Love and miss you all!! keep working hard and Don't forget to be awesome! :)

-Elder Powell

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