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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Walking, talking and other stuff

random scenic shot from a small hike we did
Man!! that's crazy!! Maddy is going to be home so soon!!! for me the end of my mission still seems forever away!!! haha! And yet I've already gone through 1/8th of it!! I know that's not a lot but still it is pretty crazy how time moves! (but I already gave my whole spiel on femto-seconds so I'll spare you the quantum physics this time. :) haha) Anyway, Aloha Maddy and welcome home! I anxiously await the day we will all be together again when I return home (although not TOO anxiously... I'm just getting started! :) haha!) 

So as for everything here in beautiful briny Kaneohe (not the bottom of the sea) everything is going great! Elder Manning is a GREAT missionary and while we still are struggling to get as much done as we would like to cause of walking and.. well.. other peoples agency :P We have had more lessons this week than the past few and have been continuing to try and help the members in doing their own missionary work (since they're not confined to a specific area or zone. haha) and so that's been great!

Elder Powell and Elder Manning
One of the biggest highlights of the week though has to have been the ward Trunk or Treat this last Saturday!! It was a BLAST!! and not only that but it was SUPER successful on the missionary effort side of it as well!! We had multiple less active, part member and even fully non-member families come out and they all had a blast and some of them came to church the next day as well so that was GREAT! We're definitely going to continue to follow-up with those that came and hopefully they can keep coming out and get baptized and then tell their friends and they will get baptized and eventually by the end of the transfer they'll have to split our one ward into two stakes because everyone will be super active and they'll build a new Kaneohe Temple and the church head-quarters will move out here and..... well something like that will happen.. maybe? haha!

Anyway, yeah so that's basically the main highlight of the week not including all of the usual walking, talking and other stuff that we do every week! haha! anyway, so yeah, hope you all have a great week! Sorry this week is kind of short but well, I don't really know what else to write about! haha! But yeah hope you all have an amazing week to follow! again, welcome home Maddy, congratulations Ben, and as always, don't forget to be awesome!! :)

Aloha Nui Loa!
-Elder Powell

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hurricane number 3 - New Companion - Always Remember

Aloha Ohana!!!

Sounds like an extra odd week on your end and to be honest it has been no less odd for us over here! This last week has actually had quite a few odd highlights so yeah, I guess I'll just get started and hope the whole e-mail makes some sort of sense.

So first off probably the biggest news on the actual News is that of our third "Hurricane" in the last three months... but as you might imagine, this one was also rather disappointing. not that not being hit by a giant hurricane is a bad thing, it just was another big scare over something that wasn't that big of a deal, the storm blew just below Oahu I guess so really we just got all the outskirts of the storm which still had it's own little bit of excitement. No crazy winds or anything, just a gentle breeze, and also no heavy down poor and  flooding, but it did rain quite a bit... and by quite a bit I mean A LOT!! As a matter of fact it rained for about 34ish hours strait! It was kind of incredible!! I just kept thinking "man it's gotta run out at some point but it wasn't until just before we were going to bed last night that it actually did!! So yeah, we had multiple "flash flood" warnings go off on everyone's phone during church yesterday which made for an interesting sacrament meeting (at least it kept everyone awake! haha) but despite the warnings no actual flash floods, just the river running and little higher. :) Anyway, rain never stopped the work of Salvation! Sure enough despite all the rain we still got plenty of walking and working done! :)

So we had transfers this week and I'm still here in the "Faithful Fighting Kaneohe 4th ward!" (as our Bishop likes to call it) but Elder Basag got transferred! He's over in Wahiwa in the Mililani stake kind of north shore area of the island and actually is companions with Elder Shalvis, a missionary that was in our district my first transfer here so they're doing great and he's enjoying being in an area where he can teach more Filipino people. :) As for me, my new companion is Elder Manning (no dad, no relation to Eli or Peyton as he has to reassure EVERYONE that we talk to! :P haha!) anyway, yeah he's a cool guy! He's from Utah, he's been out 6 months now so we're both pretty young in mission age, but he's a great missionary! He actually just got transferred over here from Lanai (that tiny little island under Maui with only two Elders on the whole island!) so that's pretty awesome! there's only a small town about 1 square mile long on the whole island so yeah it's a bit of a change for him to be back here on Oahu but we're both adjusting to the change and just doing our best to lose ourselves in the work! :)

Anyway, running a little short of time here, but real quick one thing that really stuck out to me first (and I won't give any names or details for privacy sake) but one of our members after coming to a lesson with us told us some of his life story and well the main thing I got from it is when we're faced with trials I think part of why we are allowed to suffer through them is because when we do over come them we can then in turn help others through theirs! Anyway, it's just a REALLY incredible story but again I just am gonna hold off on details. Anyway, also something that really stuck out from church and throughout the week is that we need to ALWAYS remember both who we are and our potential, BUT also ALWAYS remember that everyone around you... EVERYONE no matter the circumstances of their lives or their choices is entitled to the same royal and celestial inheritance that we have been promised!! NEVER assume that because we are members makes us "choice people" or "greater than those around us" because while we may be closer to achieving our divine inheritance, everyone is entitled to it and God is no respecter of men! He see everyone as his children and his sons and daughters and he loves them ALL, EQUALLY! If you want a perfect BoM example of this I'd suggest Alma 31 - 32 (the story continues through chapter 35 but those are the main two)

well hey I'm about to get kicked off the computer so I've gotta wrap this up but anyway, I love you all so much and pray for you every day and night! keep on doing what you do and as always don't forget to be awesome AND don't forget who you are!! :)

-Elder Powell

p.s. I went to send a picture of me and Elder Manning and realized I don't have one yet!! hahaha! So I just took a picture of him standing next to me e-mailing his family... so yeah, that's my new companion! :) hahaha! Also a picture of saying goodbye to Elder Basag at transfers.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Magniloquent language

Well as far as this week goes for us over here on the islands, it's been a rather interesting week.  I spent most of the beginning of the week inside being sick and then most of the middle of the week inside with a terrible headache. Anyway, I just concluded that Voldemort was somewhere close by so I destroyed a couple lockets and Diadems, stabbed my companions journal with a basilisk fang and called it good and we went back to work! :) And as far as that work goes we're still just rather trudging along, BUT I did find out yesterday that we'll be getting a fresh pair of feet here in Kaneohe soon!! Transfers are this Wednesday and Elder Basag is leaving!! It's bittersweet for both of us as it always is but also exciting to get a new set of eyes in the area and see what work needs to get done and then DO IT! :)

 ...as part of my continuing effort to gain that testimony (and also because there was a challenge issued by Sister Warner) I started reading Jesus the Christ just this week and WOW it's amazing! :) It's super hard to read and has an abundance of rather magniloquent language (I don't even think I used that right) but it's super awesome! :)

Well I've gotta run, but I love you all! Happy Birthday Mom!! You have done more for me than I could ever put into words! No matter how magniloquent those words are! :) haha Keep doing what you do and don't forget to be awesome! :)

-Elder Powell

and check out this cool website too Because of Him

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Climbing trees - WE NEED YOUR HELP - Be Prepared!

Dear family!

IT'S CONFERENCE WEEKEND!! WHOOHOO!!!! well... I guess it WAS at least... so maybe I should be cheering in reverse. !!!OOHOOHW Anyway, sorry I’m being so weird but well... I'm pretty sure I can blame most of that on the family I was raised in! :) haha! Love you all! ANYWAY, back on topic! Conference was AMAZING! :) I especially appreciated all the talks in Priesthood session as always as well as Elder Bednar's talk Sunday afternoon! Anyway, speaking of this week, it's the last week of the transfer!! which means two things! I've almost been out for three months already!! (not including my mini-mission!!) And I will probably be getting a new companion if not a new area very soon!! Crazy how time flies by! One femto-second at a time. :) So yeah, that's pretty crazy.

We also had a crazy awesome experience with ever more service this week! First going back to Pearl Harbor and the USS Missouri to wipe down all the hand rails on the entire ship! And then also doing this huge service project for a member in our Zone Leaders ward. It was crazy how much they trusted us because the project was cutting down GIANT tree's! which I've done before but... on flat land, in the middle of a forest! This was on a steep hill right next to two houses!! IT was CRAZY! Although I really did appreciate the chance to climb the trees and use my knot tying skills (thank you Brother Bang!) to get the rope and everything so it fell the way we wanted it too! :) Anyway, it was SUPER physically demanding but also super fun! 

So yeah, that's most of our missionary news, aside from that we're still just doing everything we can to find people to teach (which not too much success as of now) and also working with a lot of the members trying to get them a little more excited about names as well! I hope you all back home are doing everything you can to help find the missionaries people to teach! WE NEED YOUR HELP! It's SO hard without the members! I've heard from some of my missionary friends back home that the Awatukee Zone (the zone we're in in the Tempe Mission) is actually the hardest and slowest zone in the mission!! And mostly for the same reason it's slow here in our area, we simply cannot find people to teach!! SO I'd hope all the members back home are doing everything they can to help in that finding effort!! because us missionaries need all the help we can get! As one of our members in Yuma once wisely told me after giving us a referral, "I found them now you teach them!" haha! and it works! We are MORE than happy to teach anyone but we need your help finding!

Well I would be remiss if I didn't include a quick message regarding conference in this e-mail as well. While there were MANY highlights (people giving talks in their native language, Elder Bednar addressing his entire talk exclusively to non-members, the missionary choir, etc.) I think one of my favorite parts in any conference is listening to how different themes sort of unintentionally form and one that definitely formed in this last conference was that of being PREPARED!!  Scout motto! BE PREPARED!! and not just temporally (food storage, reserve funds, fast offerings, etc.) but also spiritually! I really liked how probably the most quoted scripture at this conference was Hel. 5:12. It's always been a good one but ESPECIALLY with the way things are going in the world we NEED to be built on the foundation of Christ! If you don't have a testimony of him and his Atonement, GET ONE!!! For some reason as I reflected on all of this a song came to mind that we've sung multiple times in ward choir and one that's always been my favorite, I testify of Jesus Christ. Specifically one line that REALLY stuck out, "When with all flesh mine eyes shall see, my God my unseen comforter, my witness than shall not exceed the truth I know this day." Or something along those lines. But I just LOVE how firm a statement that is! I know that is definitely the kind of testimony I am striving for that I can be prepared to one day see him again and when I do I can say that "my witness then shall not exceed the truth I know this day!" :) 

Well yeah, anyway, I've gotta get going, but I love you all! Keep on doing what you do! Send my love to the ward and to all the family! Have a great week and don't forget to be awesome! :)

-Elder Powell

SotW: HEL. 5:12! duhh! haha

Missed some of General Conference or wondering what it's all about?