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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Blizzard in Hawaii

 Oh, how I love that word! Even just the word family makes me smile! :) Anyway, I'm very glad to hear that all of the family has been doing great and having lots of fun! I know I'm not there in person but still even just knowing that you are all having fun together makes me smile out here! :) haha! Well hello to all of the family and a GIANT mahalo to each of you for all that you do! :)

 Anyway, sorry for such odd e-mails the past few weeks but, well, honestly there's not really any better way to describe these last few weeks than as just odd! For example! Believe it or not we were the only state this weekend in the entire U.S. that had a full-fledged BLIZZARD WARNING!!!!! A blizzard!! In Hawaii!!! I mean sure it wasn't actually down where people live, it was up on top of Mauna Kea but still it made for some pretty good snow and sledding conditions today for our district p-day activity! :) haha! Anyway, that was a blast!!! (even when you factor in the scraped up arms, frozen toes and incredibly sun burnt face! hahaha)

As for the rest of this week it has also been an odd one when it comes to missionary work. We had another exchange so on basically the most eventful day EVER in Ka'u (one of the slowest areas in the entire mission!) I was up in Keeau and Waikahe for one of their SLOWEST days ever (which is normally one of the fastest areas in the mission!) haha! so apparently the Lord just knows that I am a little slow and kept me away from anything exciting happening in Ka'u like cutting down trees and teaching crazy lessons! but even then we still managed to put up our fair share of craziness all the other days with running back and forth from Hilo (an hour and a half drive) three different times this week! We had our interviews with President that he does with every zone every three months so that is always great to see President and Sister Warner! :) The only sad side to it all is that he will possibly be closing this area soon because it is so slow and we are losing a lot of missionaries as the swell dies down after the age change and everything evens out again. So, unfortunately I don't know that I will be here much longer but no matter what happens I am very glad I got to be here when I did and meet the people that I did! :)

 Anyway, I gotta get going (the work just never stops! haha) but I love you all SO much and pray for you daily!!! Thank you for all of your support and your e-mails! I do enjoy them very much and just apologize that I am not the fastest at responding but I promise I'll get to them as soon as I have a little extra time! But again they are read, appreciated and you are all loved so much!! :) Thank you again, aloha nui loa, and don't forget to be awesome!! Have a great week!!

Ofa atu
-Elder Powell

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