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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Make use of what is there, Miracle from the market, I "Noah" guy

Aloha my dear family!!! :)

One thing I have come to learn out here pretty fast, especially in an area like Kekaha, there is not much and what there is there is not much off, so you have to really just learn to make use of what is there. So yeah. Anyway, with that rather seemingly pointless introduction! This week has been great in a lot of ways and tough in others! We are still trying to find new people to teach which, well... hasn't worked out the best, BUT Elder Stulce (one of the missionaries from the Kalaheo ward, the one next to us) and I were on exchanges and just walking around Waimea trying to talk to people and we ended up finding a whole family of members who about a year ago moved over to Hawaii and are super nice and just way cool people and really like the missionaries... but they haven't been active for what sounded like MANY years, so we just didn't have any of their records or anything. So yeah! That was a miracle without a doubt!!!!

Another awesome miracle from this last week was going to our Thursday night Book of Mormon class and meeting a lady who a lot of our members work with and they invited out to class with them! That is actually a cool story! So there's this place in Waimea called Ishihara Market (really cool place with some pretty great poke) and we have these three VERY strong and missionary minded members who all work there and it's great too because two of them are VERY recent converts (like less than a year) and the other just barely started to get active again in church (also less than a year) so they are totally in a mission mindset (talk about Lehi's dream coming true!) and because all three are now SUPER strong and have been doing an incredible job at setting an example for their co-workers we've actually gotten a couple new/potential investigators including this new Lady who came into class this last week. She just lost her husband and so while she is already religious she was still open enough to accept the invitation to come out and I think it went well, I hope she wasn't too overwhelmed but I guess I'll let you know in the coming week. Anyway, so long story short with all of that and a couple other stories, there are a few new possibilities popping up all over the place for new investigators/less-actives for us to teach which is WAY exciting!! :)

the "spouting hole" in Poipu
Other than that, a "new" highlight of the week was helping a few VERY flustered and scared older ladies on vacation from Canada whose service on their only phone went out just one day into their trip! So I was literally in the middle of e-mailing you when they came in making a little more of a ruckus than I think the librarians appreciated :) haha, and asked them for help but they weren't sure what to do so I just motioned for them to come and let them use my computer to talk with their service people, turns out that all they had to do was turn their phone off and back on (amazing how often that works... haha!) and while it was really a small deal and nothing big came of it, it was cool to at least be able to leave a good impression of missionaries on them while they were over here in Hawaii and hopefully when they run into them back in Canada they will be more willing to talk with them there like I suggested they do. :) So yeah, RJ, if you find and start teaching two ladies over there who just recently went on vacation to Hawaii... you're welcome! ;) hahaha!

Anyway, sorry this week is really just a big "stream of consciousness" kind of letter. There has been a ton of little things like blown out tires and dropped/new investigators and crazy lessons and long exchanges and some very late nights so I'm just about completely burnt out for the week... but hey, that's what mission life is I guess. Anyway, if I missed anything or if you have any other questions I will be sure to try to answer them next week! Thank you! Hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you so much and of course will keep on praying for you! Stay strong and carry on! Even among the "floods" that life so often throws at us! And hey if you need someone else to come and help out with any future flooding problems, well, I "Noah" guy who's an expert with that kind of stuff! :) haha! Have a great week! Don't forget to be awesome!!

Aloha nui loa!!!
-Elder Powell

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