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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Bullet Points, Feel the Love, Star Wars Family History


So first I want to apologize profusely for not being able to write much this week. I promise there is a TON to write about and I promise I will try to make more time in our p-day next week to get you all of the details about all of those things I have to write you about, but unfortunately that time does not exist for us on this week's e-mail session. Anyway, before dad starts accusing me (and accurately I might add) of wasting all of the time I DO have to e-mail by talking about all of the time I DON'T have left. I will just jump right in with some nonsensical bullet-points giving a brief recap of our week. LET'S DO THIS!!

-Dinner and a great coordination meeting with our new WML (he's seriously more "on-fire" than London on Guy Fawkes day!)
-An awesome district meeting where we talked about how to more fully consecrate ourselves with the coming holiday season.
-40-day fast
-Exchanges and magic tricks
-Turkey bowl and teenagers being teenagers
-turkey and kanikapila
-more turkey and a more small kine kanikapila
-a couple of lessons
-a (miracle) service project big enough to practically count as a second eagle project!
-Part-member soon to be ALL-MEMBER family!
-Tithing & Fast offerings
-Hawaiian pastor
-a VERY long visit with a recently re-activated lady and her 70 year old JW friend.

and last but certainly not least
-Referral charades at the Waimea Public Library! :)

....so yeah, there you have it!! That was our week! :) haha! I hope that all makes sense. If not you will all just have to wait in suspense until next week when hopefully time will be more on my side when it comes to our e-mailing. Sorry again, we were literally all over this island today trying to run errands and do other things to help prepare us for the coming week, but I suppose that is why they call it "preparation" day... anyway, I love you all. I really do! I hope you never forget that. I know I could never forget how much you love me because I feel that love and your prayers on our behalf every day. Thank you for all of your thanksgiving wishes as well! I wish I could have been there to add to the festivities but there will always be next year!! :) Anyway, have a GREAT week!! I will talk to you more later!! Mahalo nui loa and ALOOOHHAAA!!!!!

-Elder Powell

p.s. I know I promised you pictures this week, and while I thought about sending the same old "boring pictures" of the spectacular Kekaha sunsets or the morning fog lifting over the Na Pali coast at Kalalau valley or other things like that, I figured you would probably MUCH rather see some pictures of our member's "Star Wars family history chart" from the Ward Thanksgiving dinner whose theme was about eternal families/family history. And another awesome picture of me with a home-made "Master Sword" from The Legend of Zelda made by one of the members in the Kalaheo ward I met on exchanges as a part of their Halloween costume (they went as Link from tLoZ) :) hope you enjoy! 

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