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Thursday, February 25, 2016

No mistake ever needs be final! The Lord really does work in mysterious ways.

Motta im baamle yokwe!!
and ALOOHHHAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

So.... you guessed right that we were not able to e-mail on Monday. Believe it or not, the lack of an e-mail however was not just because of Presidents day! We actually were unable to e-mail yesterday because yesterday was not p-day! That's right, they switched p-day over to Tuesday this week!!! And there's only one reason they would ever do that.... that's right... today was our TEMPLE TRIP!!!!! WHOOHOO!!!!!! It was SO INCREDIBLE AWESOME!!! Just like it always is!!! Of course it had its ups and downs just like every day does, but man... the ups of today were SOO much higher than any of the downs!!! So real quick recap, we started out the day on a tiny bit of a "down", because despite our absolute best efforts to get to the temple on time (including leaving almost 2 1/2 hours early for what should have only been an hour drive at most!!) we still underestimated just how bad the 'Hawaii President's day weekend traffic' would be and didn't end up making it in time for our session (we showed up at 9:00 EXACTLY which is also EXACTLY when the session was starting unfortunately). So that was a bit of a bummer.
Because of the way my transfers on-island have lined up and with being off-island for a few transfers in between, it had been about 5 transfers since I'd been to the temple (approximately 7-8 months) which is much longer than I would recommend ANYONE with ready access to a temple should EVER go between visits!! I'll admit, I felt a little bit like one of the foolish virgins in the Savior's parable of the Ten Virgins as we ran up to the doors of the temple and pleaded that they would let us in to our session but of course we were just too late... that being said, God in his great wisdom, provided that a way so that we could still do work there in His holy house and so the six of us who had carpooled/caravanned and missed the session got to do some initiatory which was still SUPER incredible!!! We also still got to go up into the Celestial room and so that was of course absolutely astounding!!!!!! It is impossible to match the sacred feelings of peace, joy, and happiness found only within the hallowed halls of His holy house, especially in the Celestial room!

Anyway, well... I have a TON more that I want to say and that I promise I will pick up right where I left off tomorrow... but we actually have to run... That was another sort of positive and negative side of today... so because we spent quite literally almost the entire p-day sitting in traffic we didn't have a chance to really do anything we would normally do on p-day including washing clothes, cleaning the pad, and even e-mailing. So we got permission to try and make up for that tomorrow for part of the day. So yeah... sorry about this "extra odd week" but I promise to get back to you as soon as possible! Kommol kon am ronjake im bar lo eok!!! I love you so much!!!! :) Have a great day!

-Elder Powell


Jolok bod for the extra odd e-mailing this week. I think this whole "split p-day" thing has only made it more weird... anyway, I'll try and cover for you all of the significant events as fast as I can and then I've really got to run.

So this past week was actually a pretty successful one as far as missionary work goes. We had not one but TWO families who during a dinner with them asked if we could come back later in the week to teach a non-member living in their home. So we now have two new investigators both of which seem to have a TON of potential for becoming truly converted especially given the strong support that both have in the homes in which they live!! :) So anyway, I'll definitely talk more about all of that as their stories unfold! :)

Anyway, I think I mentioned before but if not, we got yet ANOTHER referral from some of our members for two little kids who "missed" their child of record baptism dates and so we are now teaching them and they are going to be getting baptized this week on Friday so we're SUPER excited about that!! :D actually.... now that I think of it one will still be a child of record... not that that really matters in the end, baptism is still baptism either way! :) haha! We also have been working a lot with and teaching another young boy named J over at the same building where we are teaching the other two little kids! Man J is SOO solid too!!! He keeps all of his commitments and remembers all of the lessons and is SUPER excited about getting the Priesthood and being able to pass the sacrament! :) (He is 12 years old.) So of course we're super excited for him too! :)

We're also working with a young boy (we'll just call him Junior for now) who is very solid and has a strong belief in God and all of that, but who has also really been struggling with overcoming some past mistakes and so it has been a great blessing to be able to watch his countenance change and hope return as we taught and testified of the Savior's love and atoning sacrifice and the effects it can have in our lives. I know for sure that that power is very real and very... well... powerful! I've felt it in my life! In short it's the only reason I am still here! I know that because of Him there is no mistake that ever need be final!

We actually got to watch this SUPER AWESOME multi-stake conference this past weekend with stakes from all over Hawaii and California and Oregon and Washington and even parts of Canada and Alaska! It was INCREDIBLE!! We got to hear from Elder C. Scott Grow, Sis. Bonnie L. Oscarson, Elder James J. Hamula (which was cool because he just came in person to do our mission tour only a few months ago! :) haha!) and Elder Dale G. Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. All of their messages were very powerful and very inspiring but especially fitting for that day was Elder Hamula's message where he talked over and over about the Saviors admonition to his disciples to "Fear not" and how because of the Savior's atonement we truly have no reason to fear or be afraid and that EVERYTHING which seems wrong or unjust, or which seems difficult and trying, scary or terrifying, and even that which seems permanently broken, truly is not. But that because of Him EVERYTHING can be set right and made right and everything will be for the best!  Anyway, it was a perfect message to receive that day not only for us but because we were then able to turn around and share it with "junior" who needed it more than perhaps either of us that day. I hope that all of you had a great Sabbath-day as well this past week and that you were able to share something you learned from the Spirit that day with someone who was in need! :)

pineapple fields
So anyway, other than that and a few other people we've been teaching most of our time is spent trying to find new people to teach as our investigator pool is slowly draining (as so often is the case) and consequently we've spent a lot of time as well in the car driving back and forth and all over the island as we embark on this sort of Marshallese scavenger hunt! haha! So practically none of our records are current because most Marshallese (including active members) don't really care to much for filling out paper work or updating data bases or anything of the sort... which isn't a big deal for them because they all know everything about each other anyway... but it has proved a bit of a challenge for the two palangi missionaries trying to track them down and teach them! :P haha! Regardless, the work is still moving forward and we've actually seen quite a few little miracles come from knocking on houses where the family we were trying to find moved out but other families moved in and were interested in the gospel. See, the Lord really does work in mysterious ways but it always works out in the end! :) 

Well speaking of teaching people, we've gotta run to an appointment, but I hope you all know how much I love you and that I am praying for you and please, as always, if you ever need anything just let me know! Hope you have a WONDERFUL week full of lots of fried chicken and rice! I know we sure will! :D haha! Kommol kon am ronjake im bar lo eok! Kiki in jabinabin! (sleep like a sea-cucumber!) :) haha

Aloha nui loa!
-Elder Powell

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