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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dreams, Laie Temple, Working Hard

Aloha Ohana,

WHOOOO!!!!!!! BEN!!!! YEAH!!!!!! :D :D THAT'S SO EXCITING!!!!! Man, I was just e-mailing Brian about that and thinking, it's so crazy that just a little over a year ago the three of us were all in a hotel room in Texas just messing around when we found out that he was a member and now here he is getting ready to leave on his mission!!!! Holy 6x10^^23(ly) that's awesome!! I'm not going to lie I started tearing up pretty bad when I read that I was so incredibly happy (but then I figured it would look rather strange to start bawling in the library so I held it in a bit :P haha) But honestly I am so incredibly excited for him! You should tell him to e-mail me so I can talk to him directly! Man, he's going to be a GREAT missionary! :) (oh also speaking of people to e-mail can you please tell Haley and Jessie and Tessa to e-mail me? thanks! :))

Anyway, as for news here in Hawaii.... nothing too great unfortunately. Of course I will try and focus on the positive... but first I'm going to get the sad stuff out of the way real fast. So after another amazing lesson with S. last Monday we tried to set up another visit with him and even went over a few times and he either cancelled on us or turned us away four different times and he still isn't coming to church and last we talked he said he "wants a few days to work some things out before we come back or even contact him" so.. yeah that's been incredibly depressing... it's looking a lot like a repeat of what kind of happened with C. back in Yuma. BUT we're not dropping him yet and we will still be doing our best and praying for him so hopefully things work out in the end!! :D

Anyway, other not so fun stuff.... I also got tricked into eating a Hawaiian pepper whole.... that was not fun.... AT ALL! ......actually it was pretty darn hilarious for everyone else so I suppose that's a good enough transition into the positive!! :) haha!

So while we are losing a lot of our progress in some area (I blame Satan) we have also picked it up in some others! We found a name of a former investigator in our area book from years ago and while he has since moved out his little brother was actually home and we came in and talked with him and taught him the first lesson and he was super excited about everything and it went great! He's already committed to read the Book of Mormon and to be baptized (although he doesn't have a date yet) but he's still pretty solid! He also really wanted to come to church but his mom wouldn't let him because "she needed help doing the laundry since she hurt her foot" so... hopefully the mom isn't too much of an issue (although she did seem significantly less excited about seeing us than he was) BUT I'm also excited because he plays football and is pretty good friends with one of the sons of this other less active family that we have been working with so hopefully they can kind of help each other in coming to church and young mens and everything and then just maybe that will be the push the parents on both sides need to start coming to church and taking lessons as well! :) anyway, a missionary can dream can't he? :) haha! (speaking of which it's ridiculous how many dreams I have about doing missionary work or sometimes I'll have dreams about just walking... all day... and then I wake up and walk... all day!! haha! yeah dreams are weird things..) 

ANYWAY, off of that strange tangent! We also had a really cool devotional the other day at the Laie visitors center (oh but another side note before I get to that... the Laie Temple is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! WOW!!! Seriously probably the most amazing thing I have ever seen!! Sorry but we might all have to buy plane tickets back out here for my wedding because I want to get sealed there!! It is just SO BEAUTIFUL!!! :)) ANYWAY, so the devo at the VC. It was by Vai Sikahema, a name which I assume you'd recognize? But yeah, miracle bowl, BYU football, NFL, NBC broadcaster, covers the Olympics for them and best of all, and Return Missionary and current Stake president out in Philadelphia! :) haha! but yeah it was awesome! (Although he did talk quite a bit about getting married when we're back home which I feel is still a bit of a ways out for me.. haha!) but still it was great over all! :) It was also really cool to get to see a lot of my friends from my MTC district that I haven't seen since transfers! :) Speaking of which Saturday was my official one month mark!! whoo!! Also the members are still awesome! :) anyway, yeah so still a lot of exciting things going on! :)

Well I've probably rambled on for long enough! Thank you so much for your continued prayers in my behalf and in behalf of all the missionaries. They are felt and frankly I would not still be out here if it weren't for them! It's HARD WORK!!! I mean REALLY HARD!!! But the only days so far that I've ever gone to bed regretting things are when I knew I could have done more or worked harder or talked to more people. I just wish I could say I was the best missionary or the one with the most faith or power or testimony or anything, but frankly as much as I like to think I am, I'm pretty darn worthless on my own... but of course Heavenly Father watching out for me like he does, knew I was feeling particularly worthless this last week and so I when I was feeling almost at my worst for the week I was reading in Alma and came to Alma 26:12 and well needless to say it hit me pretty hard. And while the week sure didn't get any easier, some how I still got through it and some how I am still here and I don't know how but no matter what, somehow I will stay out here until my work is done!! If Ammon and his brothers could baptize thousands of the Lamanites I can get at least one! And even if I don't, well Mormon has something to say about that in Moroni 9:6! :) haha!

anyway, I need to head out soon, we've got work to do! :) So until next week, thank you so much for all your continued prayers and support! know that I am praying for all of you and think about you every day (but not too much don't worry ;) haha) anyway, keep on working hard, Joe, listen to Mom and Dad they know what they're talking about, and as always, don't forget to be awesome!! :)

Aloha O'e!
-Elder Powell

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