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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fun and exhausting - Don't stop going

Aloha Family!

Sounds like a fun if not exhausting week! As you might have guessed our week here has been equally fun and exhausting for different but still good reasons. :) Anyway, that's fun to hear about everything that has been going on. Getting the piano tuned reminded me. I had a rather awkward experience at church yesterday. So I was supposed to sing next week because 5th Sunday is missionary Sunday, and I wanted to do my Shepard will Supply My Need and I had everything set and delivered the music to the lady who was going to accompany me and she started out great and was very excited.. and then she got to the last two pages and just stopped and stared at it for a little while and gave up. :P haha! It was alright, I just felt bad because I had told her that it was pretty easy song but I guess I'm used to having either Dad, Liz or Shryock accompany me and well.... not everyone can play the piano or sight-read quite like Dad, Liz and Shryock. :P hahaha! anyway, it was sufficiently awkward so we're looking at maybe pushing it back a couple weeks and or just doing a different song :P haha!

Honestly though aside from that I unfortunately don't have too much to report on. This last week has been... well disappointing. Not bad but just.. well we didn't make a lot of progress with anyone. OH! wait no. That's a lie! We did have one SUPER awesome lesson with this LA sister just in her door step! It was super spiritual and well yeah it went great and while she couldn't make it to church that week because she was already scheduled to work (she works at a hospital so she has crazy hours) she was very sincere about reading and praying and we're going back later this week to check up on her so that was nice! :) but yeah aside from that it was a little slow.

Oh we did have one other pretty exciting experience a couple that recently moved into our ward got their family sealed on Saturday! I guess the wife was a convert so they had to wait a little while before they could all go to the temple but they're a SUPER awesome family! And they had a great reception after that we got to attend with lots of food which is always good! :) haha

I think about all of you guys every night and you're in my prayers I love you all just as I am already coming to love the people out here! It has not been easy adjusting and in fact I'm still not even close to being fully adjusted to missionary life but I am working my way there and I have to tell you the best way to do it for anyone who may just struggling to adjust to anything is to just jump in head first and don't stop going! I was listening to a Rob Gardner song Brian sent me while I was in Yuma and there's a line in there that says "how long can flowing waters remain impure" and well it just really stuck out to me especially when it comes to consecrating myself to missionary work and everything but I think it applies to all of us that if we first stop dumping crap into our lives and then we keep moving forward (like the Robinsons :) haha) that eventually those things will work their way completely out of our lives! Anyway, it was just kind of a cool line to a good song. "My kindness shall not depart from thee" if you want to look it up. great song! :) anyway, we're heading out to china mans hat for a zone activity now so I've gotta go but I'll talk to you all next week! :) Keep on working hard, praying often, and of course don't forget to be awesome! :)

-Elder Powell


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