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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Laie Temple & Primary Program

Dear family,

Sorry I know I'm always running short on time but I am especially short this week but for a very good reason. Most of our p-day today was spent AT THE LAIE TEMPLE!!! WHOOO!! :D It was so incredible!! It truly is such a beautiful Temple and it was great to get to go through with the whole zone of missionaries and just wow! It was incredible! I could tell you countless things about it and go off on multiple spiritual tangents bearing testimony of it, but due to time I think it will suffice to say two things; 1. If you are not yet able to get a Temple recommend for whatever reason DO NOT DO ANYTHING THAT WILL JEOPARDIZE THAT IN THE FUTURE!!! Your eye should ALWAYS be on going to the Temple and everything you do every single minute of every single day should bring you closer to that eventual goal of entering in it! 2. If you are able to get but do not currently hold a temple recommend GET ONE!!! and that goes into 3. If you do hold a current Temple recommend GO!!!! Go as much as possible!! Overall just remember that The Temple is the House of God on this earth and so if we are always aiming for it and living worthily to enter it than eventually when we pass on from this life we can be almost assured that we will be returning to our Heavenly Father!! :) 

Anyway, really tight on time, but other exiting news, we had the primary program this Sunday which was AWESOME! It’s always amazing to feel the spirit that comes from such innocent and loving (if not sometimes rowdy) little children. I actually got pretty teary eyed when they sang "I hope they call me on a mission" because I remembered when I was up there singing it and well... now I've grown a foot or two and here I am! :) Anyway, about to get kicked off. Love you all! Much Mahalo!!
Don't forget to be awesome! :)

-Elder Powell

SotW D&C 6:33-37 (I found this one in the Celestial room and it just really stuck out to me for some reason. The whole section did actually.) :)

p.s. I forgot to mention but I also had the GREAT privilege of participating in the Kaneohe Stake Family History fair this weekend!! Granted our display was just a general missionary table with pamphlets and pass-along cards and BoM's and such and the only people that really looked at or talked to us at the display were all members BUT I did make sure to put out as well my pedigree chart, my priesthood authority lines and the two mission pictures of Grandpa Powell I have in my wallet theoretically so I could talk to people about why Family history is important in the church and missionary work and such and maybe share the story of the Wimmers or others... but nobody asked or talked about it at all so I just enjoyed it myself :) anyway, yeah it was great! :)

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