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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Theory of Relativity, Sunrise Hike, Smiles and Laughs

Dear Family!

WOW this week went by fast! but at the same time it feels like it's been forever since I've written you! Haha! I honestly don't understand time anymore. I've always assumed it was a constant but then again I suppose Einstein's Theory of Relativity has something to say about that! Basically to make it really simple and object moving SUPER fast (like speed of light fast) would pass through time faster relative to those resting objects around it (if you want a good example watch the beginning of the original Planet of the Apes) but it works on a smaller scale as well so when you're up and walking you're actually moving through time just a couple femtoseconds faster than those that are lying around. So moral of the story? if you're ever feeling like life is just dragging along slowly GET UP AND WORK!!! You will literally make time pass faster!! :) hahaha!

Anyway, so yeah it's been a great week! As you might guess, a lot of walking (whoo! We've gotta be at LEAST 0.0000000000000002 seconds (2 femtoseconds) ahead of all you sitting at home watching TV!!) haha! Anyway, but in between the walking we've also done some awesome things! So we did some more service throughout the week. Building clean-up, yard work, that kine stuff. But we also have been getting some of the members really excited and thinking about names and people to refer to us and so forth! so that's SUPER EXCITING! :D Not quite as exciting we did find out that we WON'T be getting iPads for a while, probably late December early January, BUT we did get to have interviews with President Warner (which was GREAT and we just finished Zone P-day which involved a sunrise hike (although the sunrise was slightly disappointing because of the cloud cover :P haha) and then ice-skating, and sports. I really love our Zone! We actually spend a LOT of time with the Zone leaders since they both came out with Elder Basag so they're all really close friends and close to heading home!! crazy!

One more SUPER exciting thing about this week... actually it hasn't happened yet, but, we just found out that tomorrow we get to go to the Laie VC and watch Meet the Mormons!! :D I'm WAY excited! I know nothing about it but it sounds cool! :D haha! So yeah, if you haven't heard about it, look it up! and also you can go online I believe and request to have it show in theaters around you guys too and then you can bring other people to see it and they'll love it and get baptized and go on missions and it will all just be awesome! :D haha!

Sorry I've still got a lot of adrenaline pumping from Basket Ball and everything else we were doing today so this e-mail is rather all over the place and full of smiles and laughs... then again.. I suppose they pretty much always are :P BUT then again I suppose they always should be. I'm on a mission for the Lord.. in HAWAII!!! All I can do is smile and when times get rough I just remember the words of the Apostle Luke in the Bible (one of my favorites I might add) in Luke 6:22-23. Which by the way is my SotW! :) haha! anyway, yeah, I hope all is well and that you all find your own things to smile and laugh about this week! I know one thing FOR SURE that I will be smiling about most all the week love is the opportunity to hear from our Beloved Prophet and the Apostles and other General Authorities this weekend!! :D Well I gotta get going, but I love you all and hope that all is well in Az!! Keep on doing what you do and as always Don't forget to be awesome! :)

-Elder Powell

Oh, I forgot to tell you one of the Greenies that came in last transfer is named Elder Luke so it makes zone meetings VERY confusing! But it also made for a pretty cool picture! :) haha! 

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