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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Magniloquent language

Well as far as this week goes for us over here on the islands, it's been a rather interesting week.  I spent most of the beginning of the week inside being sick and then most of the middle of the week inside with a terrible headache. Anyway, I just concluded that Voldemort was somewhere close by so I destroyed a couple lockets and Diadems, stabbed my companions journal with a basilisk fang and called it good and we went back to work! :) And as far as that work goes we're still just rather trudging along, BUT I did find out yesterday that we'll be getting a fresh pair of feet here in Kaneohe soon!! Transfers are this Wednesday and Elder Basag is leaving!! It's bittersweet for both of us as it always is but also exciting to get a new set of eyes in the area and see what work needs to get done and then DO IT! :)

 ...as part of my continuing effort to gain that testimony (and also because there was a challenge issued by Sister Warner) I started reading Jesus the Christ just this week and WOW it's amazing! :) It's super hard to read and has an abundance of rather magniloquent language (I don't even think I used that right) but it's super awesome! :)

Well I've gotta run, but I love you all! Happy Birthday Mom!! You have done more for me than I could ever put into words! No matter how magniloquent those words are! :) haha Keep doing what you do and don't forget to be awesome! :)

-Elder Powell

and check out this cool website too Because of Him

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