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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

One endless paradox, That one act of kindness, Bonus Photos

Aloha Ohana!!!
and a very special AAALLLLOOOOOOHHAAAAAAAA to little Mabel Powell!!!!!!! WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!!!!!!!!  and congratulations Sam and Elise!! She looks beautiful!! :) I'm super excited to have a brand new little niece even though I probably won't be able to see her in person until she's a little over a year old, but all of my love and aloha is extended to her even from the these little islands I call home! :) (also I had to re-read that name probably 8 or 9 times before my brain registered that it was Mabel Helen and not Mary Helen Powell! haha! But either way a beautiful name for a beautiful girl!!)

That's awesome about Adam! I didn't know he got back already! man it's crazy to think that time actually keeps on moving! Honestly sometimes it feels like time is just at a standstill out here, like we're all just stuck in some crazy inception kine limbo where everything changes but nothing does all at the same time and it's just one endless paradox!! ........well that was supposed to sounds a lot more deep and profound than it probably did, but either way I'm sure I could send it in the Doctor Who and they could make some sort of sub-par story line out of it for a filler episode in the middle of season 12.... ANYWAY, yeah back from that tangent.

Honestly this week we don't have a ton to report on missionary work wise, just another one filled with cancelled appointments, portugee (pidgin for very talkative) members, and hot sticky days! BUT I do have some of probably the most exciting news that I've had in quite a while too!! J IS GOING TO GET BAPTIZED IN LESS THAN A MONTH!!!!!! WHOO HOO!! I know it's still a lot up in the air so I'm not too sure about all of that but just the fact that it is definitely happening and probably pretty soon is just so incredibly exciting I don't really have much else to say about it than WHOOHOO!!!!!! :D hahaha! Anyway, we also have been seeing quite a bit of success with MULTIPLE less-active families that we have been working with so that is SUPER exciting! :))

Anyway, sorry I would write more but we're a little pressed for time and I am extremely pressed for energy and attention right now because of a lot of other crazy things that have been going on this week, but anyway, I will definitely keep you up to date on everything that is going on and know that while things are a little slow and difficult at times that just like the Prophets have promised, the field is in fact white and ready to harvest and that there are people out there who need this gospel in their lives, in fact they are all around us! Everywhere we go! I genuinely believe that if we could see exactly how many people we pass each and every day that are prepared at least some way or another for this gospel that we would just be AMAZED and probably couldn't even comprehend it, and yet it's true, they are out there, they are everywhere and they are just waiting for that one act of kindness, or that one invitation or even just that one little smile from someone they know to reassure them that they are cared about and even more importantly that they do have a Heavenly Father who knows them and cares about them because in this day and age especially Satan will do ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING to counter that very basic and yet most important of all truths, that Heavenly Father is in fact our father and just like any and all of the great fathers whom we honored this last Sabbath-day, he loves us and he wants what is best for us and HE WILL NOT LEAD US ASTRAY!!!! I know that!!

Anyway, thank you everyone for all that you do. Truly Heavenly Father does know me and knows what I need and that is why he gave me all of you, because I am positive that without your love and support and prayers I would not be the man I am today and I could not do everything I have to do from day to day so thank you again for that! If there is anything I can do for each of you PLEASE let me know and I will go to whatever lengths necessary to do it! I love you all soo much and am praying for you always!! Have an amazing week! Stay strong, carry on, and don't forget to be awesome!!!

Aloha nui loa!!!!
-Elder Powell

p.s. So a quick side note but fun note! This p-day we got to go on base with one of our members who is a pilot for the Army and he showed us all around the hangers and let us climb around the black hawks and ask him all kinds of questions and it was just super cool! So yeah, here are a couple pictures of that! :) haha! A very special thanks to Bro. Thorley who besides being an awesome member and missionary is also just an awesome guy outside of church and let us play around on his 13 million dollar equipment! :)


Luke's Grandpa Powell on his mission in Brazil

Luke on his mission in Hawaii - photo is a tribute to his Grandpa Powell

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