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Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Reality of Agency and Opposition

Dear family,

This has been quite the week! I have so much to tell you guys about and I want to be able to write a lot more and I may have a chance to later in the week but, as so often is the case as we try and live the law of consecration and sacrifice, the Lord requires of us that which is truly the greatest sacrifice and of the most importance to us. And thus was the case this week. We had our temple trip this morning which took the entire morning and right after that we had to rush to a lesson with some of our investigators which ended up being over 2 1/2 hours and one thing after another led to having literally no time left to e-mail. I am sorry but at least for now that is all I have time to say! BUT things will work out! :) Anyway, just know that I love you all and am praying for you! I am VERY appreciative of all the birthday wishes and gifts even though I am undeserving of them and of such amazing family! Anyway, I've really gotta run! Have a great day!!!!! Aloha nui loa!!

-Elder Powell
our zone at the temple 


So sorry about any confusion with the e-mailing this week. As I mentioned briefly above yesterday was a CRAZY day! So technically yesterday was our p-day but even though it was a "p-day" we had pretty much more teaching appointments that a normal proselyting day! haha So anyway, we talked with the Zone Leaders and they said we could take some time today to catch up on a lot of the "preparing" parts of our "preparation day" including e-mailing home! :) Thus, I am writing again! haha! So anyway, moving right along into this last week for us here in Mililani!

As I mentioned in my last short e-mail it was a bit of a crazy and trying week for us. Overall it was actually a rather average week for Mililani but I suppose in comparison to last week which was just jam packed with miracle after miracle and all sorts of progress, this week was a kind of wakeup call back to the reality of agency and opposition. That there is opposition in ALL things and that, unfortunately, people sometimes do use their agency for not always the best choices. Not necessarily bad choices but just not the best. I guess I'll summarize all the negative things that happened this week real quick into a couple sentences and then move on because there's no reason to dwell on them! They're already in the past!

So basically we had one of our investigators with just incredible potential to get baptized, drop us over text. And then we had two other extremely solid investigators each do a little "research" of their own online and of course found a lot of anti-Mormon material that we are now trying to explain and dispel. (I've found it's extremely difficult to explain to someone a quote pulled out of context from the Doctrine and Covenants or Pearl of Great Price when they don't even have a testimony of the restoration or prophets! That is why everything must be done in order and why understanding comes line upon line!) Anyway, we found out another of our investigators that had tons of potential to get baptized really soon has a smoking problem and picked up two jobs which has her working now not only on Sundays but 7 days a week so we can't even hardly have lessons! Anyway, all of that isn't really a major problem in the long run, it's just going to slow down her progress a lot, but hopefully it won't stop it completely! :) Anyway, we also just had a lot of investigators cancel appointments but I mean that happens every week so that wasn't really anything too crazy.

So yeah, that all just kind of happened all at once which was rough, but again, there is opposition in all things and just like last week was a little slower of a week we're looking forward now to weeks 4,5,&6 of the transfer, all of which have TONS of potential to just be INCREDIBLE weeks!!!! I'm also really hoping to stay at least one more transfer beyond this one so that I can hopefully see some of the many fruits that are just in the process of ripening and will probably be harvested very soon, but regardless I'm sure that this area has a lot of great things in store for whoever is here in the coming months and I'm just glad I got to be a part of it! :)

So yeah, onto a few really cool things that happened this week!!!! As I have also mentioned before we got the chance to go up to La'ie this week and attend a session in the Temple there which was GREAT (especially fitting cause our lesson in Elder's Quorum this last week was on Temples! :) haha!) and definitely I encourage EVERYBODY to do whatever you need to to hold and use a Temple Recommend! It is not some secret society that only certain people can go in to!! EVERYONE HAS THE OPPORTUNITY TO HOLD AND USE A TEMPLE RECOMMEND AND TO PARTAKE IN THE BLESSINGS THAT ARE IN THE HOUSE OF THE LORD... EVERYONE!!! However, obviously such a sacred edifice also requires that to enter in you are holding yourself to the highest standard of worthiness! Nevertheless, I repeat that EVERYONE has the opportunity to partake in the blessings there in!! If you may be wondering "how can I do this?" Simple, ASK THE MISSIONARIES!!! THEY CAN HELP YOU!! :) I don't know of a single missionary (or member for that matter) in the world that wouldn’t rejoice in answering someone who sincerely asks "how can I get to the temple?"

the famous Poni'olo (cowboy) burger from Seven Brothers up in La'ie!
Anyway, back from that little tangent there... haha! Other than that this week’s highlights are not much more than any other given week here in Mililani, a lot of knocking doors, talking to strangers and antagonizing dogs. :) Haha! But again there is a lot of exciting things in store for the coming weeks and the coming transfers!! Stay tuned because this is just act one! act 2 starts in just one month!!!!! CRAZY!!!!! :D haha! Anyway, I'm glad to hear over this past year that I have been away that while a lot has changed all of you are still well and safe and that you are continuing to do great things and be such a great support and help to me out here! When I meet and hear a lot of peoples stories I am often just fathomed by how truly blessed we are in the world and how truly blessed I am especially to have such incredible family and friends that surround me every day, out here in Hawaii and back home and across the globe now! Anyway, I truly do love you all and to anyone who feels they are lost or don't have friends and family to rely on, you are always more than welcome here with us!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK! Safe travels Paul and Joe (I am incredibly jealous of the awesome adventure it sounds like you are about to have!), best of luck to everyone, remember you are in my thoughts and prayers always! Mahalo nui loa ohana, aloha au ia oe!!! :)

-Elder Powell

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