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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Growing family, A lot of little miracles, Greater impact than we now realize

Blessing day for Luke's newest niece - Mabel Helen Powell

Oh how I love being able to start out every letter home with both a greeting of welcome and love. It is just so fitting as each week I sign on to find the e-mails of my family and friends whom I both miss and love and get to take the time to respond to them at least briefly! :)

With that being said, I would like to extend a VERY special ALOHA to the newest member of our family, little Benjamin Ross Powell. Aloha au ia oe little Benji e komo mai to the Powell Ohana!! :) What an absolute blessing and miracle it is to see the breath of life enter into all the different creations of God but especially in welcoming in a new family member!! :) It makes me feel especially blessed to be in an area here in Hawaii where everyone is related and knows each other and talks and helps each other out and all of those great things and to know also that my own family is growing not just out here but back home as well! :)

Luke's newest Nephew - Benjamin Ross Powell
 Anyway, that being said I guess I will just jump right into a quick recap of our week this week! As far as I can remember at least off the top of my head there is really not too much to update on from this last week. We didn't really have any special events or anything too crazy happen, however there were definitely a lot of little miracles we saw throughout the week so I guess I'll just focus on a few of those!

So we started this week with exchanges with the other Elders in our district and because they a little less than half an hour away and we had all kinds of other traveling around the island that day we didn't really get back until late at night and then by the time we had finished planning it was much later than we normally would stay up (don't worry it was all for approved reasons :P haha!) but anyway, I started out the next day, very sun burnt, and very exhausted from a combination of a rather arduous hike the previous morning, the hours of traveling around the island, and the lack of sleep that night. Basically I was not looking forward to getting up that day. Anyway, I know with that back drop you're all expecting some awesome story of a miracle baptism or something that came through our efforts in spite of our weakness, but in the end it was just another normal day of missionary work filled with cancelled appointments, eternal investigators/less-active members and a lot of knocking empty doors. But just the fact that we were able to get through the day and to see the few people we did and build that relationship with each other and that character of work and such well, I suppose in a way that is a miracle in and of itself! :)

Other little miracles included being able to talk with even more people than average and have what the mission calls QGC's (quality gospel conversations) which for this area was a huge success and miracle seeing and the towns are so small and the community so close knit. And also just finding answers to countless prayers that in the end if nothing else have helped me grow and learn and progress so that hopefully I can help others in their progression in the gospel in future times. Anyway, we also had one of our now progressing investigators come to church this last Sunday!! And he really enjoyed it!! AND while he didn't stay for more than just the first block of church that was almost a miracle in and of itself because he told us he needed to go so he could visit his auntie over in Waimea that we met tracting and that he was going to try and get her to come out to church with him and the Book of Mormon study class we have each week!!! It really is awesome to see Lehi's truly prophetic dream in action as people begin to grab a hold of the rod of iron and taste the fruit of the tree and immediately and instinctively desire to bless others with the same blessing, especially their family! :) That is kind of how most of this area has gone and it is awesome!! :) haha!

Anyway, well it's not much but I hope you enjoyed my little thoughts on this little week here in our little town of Kekaha which I'm sure has had a much greater and eternal impact than I now realize. So it is with many things in life. And on that thought, I am again eternally grateful for all of your seemingly little prayers and messages and such on my behalf and I can promise you that they do have a great and even eternal impact on me and my companion here! I love you all and will talk to you again soon!! Mahalo nui loa and ALOOOOHHHAAA!!!! :)

-Elder Powell

p.s. sorry I don't have any really exciting pictures to send you but I guess I can send the one new picture I took this whole last week. I will try and take more in the coming weeks, sorry! :P haha!

.....I guess you could say we hit a pretty big "mile-marker" this last week! ;) haha

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