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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

With a loud voice, lots of DRIVING, the Sabbath day


Well in an effort to avoid wasting time with pedantic jabbering (and at my fathers request) I suppose I will just get right into the meat of things this week for us here in the Kekaha ward (and surrounding areas). 

These last two weeks have been pretty crazy! Not a ton going on as far as your traditional missionary work is concerned. We do have a couple investigators... One is an older fellow who is very nice and very sincere in his desire to learn and so far he seems to have really felt the spirit as well in lessons and at other times. The only major hold up I can think of is that he is rather hearing impaired. He definitely can hear! You just have to speak very VERY loud! But on the bright side with how much shouting we seem to do at lessons with him I'm starting to debate whether or not to count it as a lesson with his and the neighbors on either side and in back as well! I guess there really are advantages to proclaiming the Gospel with a loud voice! :) haha!

You are never to far from home to plank a little bit!!
We have also been teaching a GREAT family who most of them got baptized already a couple months ago but now we're working on getting the husband baptized, the only problem right now is... well... he's not her husband... they still haven't gotten married... which seems to be an issue with actually quite a few families out here. BUT we did talk with them and they talked with bishop and so on and so forth and they agreed to start working on getting married and subsequently getting baptized! Woohoo!!! :) The only other hold up with that is while they agreed to get married and such... they, and everyone else here "stay on Hawaiian time" basically meaning they aren't necessarily worried about when anything happens or when they get things done. They just kind of relax and "go with the flow" so... will he get baptized? Yes! Will either of us be here to see it? ...well we're not too sure... but they did promise us both me and Elder Chen invites to their wedding... even if we're back home... :P but anyway, I digress! Back into the important things!!

So those are a few of our investigators but other than those couple of lessons most of this week was actually filled with one of my favorite things to do as a missionary...... DRIVING!!! Man, I definitely really enjoy being in the more remote parts of the islands but it is also hard when you do have to do things in the not remote parts of the islands and it takes a long time to get there! (also as a side note and clarification in case you couldn't tell driving is NOT my favorite thing to do as a missionary and is actually rather unproductive...) Anyway this area is definitely not as bad as Ka'u on the big island where we had to drive for 2 hours to get to the stake center and an 1 1/2 for district meeting but it is still long. It’s about 1/2 an hour here to get to Kalaheo where the next closest missionaries are (the other set of Elders in our district) and about 45min to an hour to get to Lihue where all the shopping is and the stake center and such. Well thankfully we don't have to go into Lihue very often if at all on a normal week, but... well this week made up for all those other weeks where we didn't with travelling there 4 days in a row!! (soon to be 5!) It was a LOT of travel time... But it was all for good reasons!

Thursday we had a zone meeting where the zone leaders train us on what President Warner trained them on at MLC. Friday we had one of the Assistants to the President come and do a district leader training meeting with me and the other district leader on the island. Saturday we had the adult session of stake conference and Sunday we the general session. All of which took place is Lihue and all of which were INCREDIBLE and VERY uplifting and edifying!! So anyway, long story short. We had a lot of traveling back and forth but in the end it was all worth it because every trip helped us to be better missionaries, better leaders and better Latter-day Saints! :)

Alright last thing from this week! My sort of lesson learned and advice for each of you from what I got out of Stake Conference is, as I'm sure you are aware of, the importance ESPECIALLY in these days of Keeping the Sabbath-day holy! I won't go on too deep into all of it because I'm out of time but it suffices me to say as the spirit confirmed to me this last weekend that it is INCREDIBLY important and that ALL of us in and out of the church could really use a much deeper study into and observation of the Sabbath-day and learning to keep it holy! Anyway, as Callie would say "and that's it!" :) I hope you all had a fantastic week! I love you and will continue to pray for each and every one of you in the coming week! Know that your prayers are felt here as well on our behalf! Mahalo nui loa and aloha au ia oe!

-Elder Powell

p.s. we took a hike this morning in Kokee state park and the view at the end of the hike was just INCREDIBLE.... at least that is for the couple of minutes we could see it before the fog rolled in and we could hardly see 5 feet in front of us.. but we still got some cool pictures even with the fog so here are some of those! :)

We also ran into some mountain goats at the end of the trail! :) They seemed to be just as interested in us as we were in them!

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