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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

At the top of a roller coaster, Musical fireside, Live up to the legacy

Aloha kakahiaka ohana!!!

What a wonderful week it sounds like you all had! I hope that things have continue to go super swell for all of you this coming week too!!! :) I know things are definitely looking up for us here in Kane'ohe as well!

 One of the greatest parts about coming to a new area is that from the second you get there you just get these new thrills and excitement seeing the potential that rests in every ward or branch here in Hawaii!! It's almost like sitting up at the top of a large roller coaster and knowing that any second things will start to pick up speed and before you know it you will be caught in one of the most exhilarating and thrilling rides of your life! So it is with this area! We've had a little slow start this past week and I've tried to adjust to walking again and all of the extra time that can take from our day, but I'm slowly getting the hang of the area, learning the names of families and I'm sure that by next week I will have TONS of new miracles to report on! Still that being said this past week has of course been full of all sorts of miracles itself! :)

Saying goodbye to everyone from the Marshallese branch was of course challenging and full of tender emotions, but the warm welcome that we received here has more than matched the farewells of the past and I am definitely grateful to be back here in Kane'ohe! Sure enough I've already run into a TON of my past members at church (since the 4th ward meets right after us) and a few at the mall or other places. But I've also already gotten to know a lot of the WONDERFUL families here in the 3rd ward! :) They are great! We had a dinner with a young family originally from Prescott, where we talked a lot with their 18 year old son (who is finishing his mission papers right now) about serving a mission and helped resolve some of his concerns and apprehensions, and with his two younger brothers (10 and 8) about everything from Star Wars to Doctor Who to Marvel vs. DC comics! they are a hoot! :) hahaha!

We also had a musical fireside last night centered around the Savior in which each of the auxiliaries sent up a representative to talk about the Savior and share a short spiritual message and then the quorum or group got up and sang a song together... of course I was "volun-told" to give the spiritual thought for the EQ seeing as I wasn't here last Sunday when they decided so I couldn't say no :P haha! But it went well and I am grateful for any opportunity to bear witness of the Savior and his love for each of us! I talked a bit about how I've served in SO many different areas now and among so many different peoples and cultures and languages and the one thing that they all have in common is the love which the Savior has for them, which love we get to feel at least a part of as missionaries and truly that love has been the same for every area I've served it!

Anyway, the musical number went good too although I was unfortunately standing directly behind the bishop and so I couldn't hide my voice and was therefore promptly recruited to the tenor section of the ward choir! :P haha! It's ok though! I'm grateful for the chance to use the talents I have been given! I also am excited because apparently the bishop’s wife here plays the violin and we live with them so she said I can probably use it sometime which will be fun to pick up again! :) haha!

Oh and speaking of our bishop, so his name is Bishop Pasikala and he said to let Grandpa Groberg know that I was living with them and serving with them and that his Dad (Bishop Pasikala's dad that is) says hi (or Malo e lelei I suppose). I guess Bro. Pasikala and Grandpa worked very closely together when he was mission president over there in Tonga, so yeah! Again I am running into all sorts of people who know Grandpa and as always it inspires me to try and be a little better and live up to the legacy he has set for us all! :) Love you grandpa! :)

Anyway, so really quick, other super cool things happening! We just started teaching this young mother named T and we're super excited about it! I guess she basically just walked into church a couple of weeks ago and told the elders she wants to have lessons! (I wish they would all do that! Then we wouldn't have to do so much tracting! haha!) Anyway, she has a lot of good friends in the church and has felt like she's always being drawn back to it so we're super duper excited to keep on teaching her! :)
Oh! also, so my new companion Elder Kirkham is great! He is from Blackfoot, Idaho (I know, crazy right? he's not from Utah! haha) and has been out now for about 6 months. I actually saw him "born" (in mission terms) over on Kaua'i when I was there! He is a good worker and is excited to be here in the ward which is always helpful. haha! He's been showing me around and I'm really impressed with how well he knows everyone over here already even after only being here for a month and a half! So yeah! This is going to be great!

Well anyway, speaking of my companion I think he's about ready to go so we should probably head out... but again as always thank you for everything you do and for your wonderful example to all those around you! I love you all to pieces! Aloha nui loa!!

-Elder Powell

p.s. we did a hike this morning that was a ton of fun! This is the beautiful Kane'ohe bay! :) I love it over here!

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