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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

SO BUSY! The Lord MORE than meets our efforts.

Mok tata, Yokwe aolep!!!!!!

What a WONDERFUL report this week from everyone!! Thank you all SO SO much for your love and for your prayers and for your e-mails and everything on my behalf! You are seriously just the greatest people ever! :) I love you more than words can describe! It's funny how having been away for so long seems to only have increased the love I have for all of you and the desire to share so many of the miracles that we have been seeing each and every day in this great and marvelous latter-day work! :) Although I would LOVE to tell you about EVERYTHING that happened this week (and believe me there was a LOT to report on this past week) we actually have to run really soon to go play tennis with this very sweet lady who lives across the hall from us at our apartment! She is a non-member but out of the kindness of her heart is constantly dropping off little loafs of banana nut bread or kim-chi soup and just asked if we could go play tennis when she saw us coming in from playing it last p-day. Anyway, so really REALLY fast update on this past week!

We had JR's confirmation this last week and it went GREAT! He is such an awesome guy and it also excited to be the newest member of the Priest's quorum here (although he still attends the Elder's Quorum class which is more fitting because of his age!) Anyway, he is doing wonderful and we are excited to help him continue on his path towards the temple and his family getting sealed one-year from now! :)

We also had an exciting but VERY exhausting day on Friday as our mission president and the assistants put together what they called "fasting finding Friday" where we had a special mission wide fast, specifically to find new investigators and people to teach, and then we went out and just tracted all day, (from 10am-9pm, not including dinner and other pre-scheduled appointments). Anyway, Elder Teerlink and I actually didn't do too much tracting ourselves since we don't really have a geographical "area" that we could go and tract houses in. So we just took all of these SUPER old teaching records from the past quite a few years that had just been collecting dust on our selves, as well as some of our potential investigator lists, and just hit the pavement! It was amazing! We talked to everyone possible on the street and in different places we went to and found a ton of new potential investigators for ourselves and to refer to other people, and we also found a total of SEVEN NEW INVESTIGATORS in ONE DAY! It was fantastic! We are both super excited to keep working with all of these new people that we found too! :)

Anyway, speaking of new investigators. You are probably wondering who keeps sending those random pictures! So a week or so ago I think you got a random picture of me and my companion filling up our car at a 7/11 in Ewa beach. Jump ahead a few weeks and we're in our house doing our companionship study, when suddenly we get a call from a random number. It was a member who lives in La'ie but who works down in Ewa beach, and she has a co-worker who is Marshallese and who had been asking a lot of questions about the church and wanted to learn more about what we believed and everything. So the member ended up getting our number somehow and set up an appointment for her friend for yesterday and we over to go teach her, and who would have thought, but it was the same member that randomly took our picture and sent it to you guys at the 7/11 a week or so ago! haha! Anyway, so long story short, the member and her friend (who just got back from her mission in the Marshall Islands) came and we met this Marshallese lady and her daughter at a place called Don Quiote's and we had the whole first lesson, and it went GREAT! They might not know it yet, but they are seriously SO amazing and just the golden investigators that everybody prays for and that this branch could REALLY use! They took the commitment to read and pray about the pamphlet and other stuff that we left with them and we got a return appointment set up for this next Saturday so we are SUPER excited about all of that! :) Anyway, I will be sure to keep you up to date! I really wish I could go more in depth on everything but we just don't have the time to! :P

So, basically I could sum up the entire rest of this past week in one sentence. WE ARE SO BUSY!!! I know I've probably said that a dozen times in this one e-mail alone but, man, that word just describes our lives so perfectly right now! It is wonderful!! There is nothing better than to be anxiously engaged in the work of the Lord and I have come to learn that he MORE than meets our efforts and gives us the strength to do things that we otherwise would NEVER be able to do! We are even starting to fall behind on sleep and hardly have time even think about eating anymore because we are just running all over the island trying to cram in lessons and appointments and service and giving blessings and all of that stuff and there is just not enough time in the week to do it all! But still, it is just wonderful! :) We have actually been kind of petitioning to get a second set of missionaries here in the branch to help us cover all of the work that we have been trying to do by ourselves. In fact there is so much happening here now that I highly doubt we could get to all of it even with two sets of missionaries here! haha! It is wonderful! :)

Anyway, well hey, we gotta run, but I hope that you all have a FANTASTIC week! Again, know that I love you and will be praying for you constantly! Stay strong, carry on, and as always, don't forget to be awesome!! :)

Bar yokwe eok!
-Elder Powell

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