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Monday, June 16, 2014


Dear Family,
As for my week, well honestly we've still been having a kinda rough time. We've hit a dead end with almost all the investigators we have (emphasis on ALMOST) so we're kinda at a stand still with people to teach since we don't track anymore we rely almost solely on referrals from our members. BUT that being said this next week is DEFINITELY looking up! :)
First, both Elder Mahlandt (pronounced 'Muh-Lawn-T' in case you were still unsure, I know I sure was for the first three days of the transfer) and I spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday! It went great! Anyway, so that really helped with getting the ward to kinda know us a little better. Also at our last Zone Conference we got a new "Family Mission Plan" that we are gonna start rolling out to help get the members more involved in missionary work. it's way awesome and so far the families we've introduced it to have really liked it! (although maybe that's just because we've only introduced it to our ward mission leader's family :P haha!) 

Also, I'm SUPER excited this week because President is coming down to give a Zone conference! :D Which means not only will I hopefully get my official name tag but also the package you guys left and above all get to spend time talking to President Toone! He's a way awesome guy! :) Also it's just exciting whenever anything happens between Yuma and the rest of the mission because it's just totally cut off from everything else that goes on, almost like it's quarantined. BUT that's probably just because the rest of the mission couldn't handle how awesome the spirit is down here! :D haha Really though, it is a great place and I've already got a few families I've promised to come back and visit because they're just so awesome! :)
OH! and remember how I said we "ALMOST" are at a loss with investigators? well the one exception is A! She finally re-appeared after falling off the face of the earth for a while! :P haha! But yeah we got her to church and she stayed for all three hours and LOVED it! She participated in the lessons, she was comfortable with the members (although that's not too much of a surprise because she is seriously the friendliest and kindest person you will ever meet, and I'm not just saying that, she really is INCREDIBLY kind... almost too kind sometimes! haha) anyway, so yeah we're going over to visit with her again on Tuesday and hopefully re-commit her to baptism! :) I'm super excited! :D
Also way exciting, the other Elders in our apartment had a baptism on Saturday! It was WAY spiritual and the guy is just awesome! his name is G and he's 18 and basically from talking to him he said his parents don't like that he got baptized and so he's practically giving up everything to join the church! It reminded me in a way of the early Saints who ignored all the combining forces against them and did everything it took to join the church! It truly is amazing the pioneer's we still have today! :)
Anyway, so yeah hopefully everything continues to go well and I have faith that this upcoming week will be the best one of my mission to date! :D (although with only being out 3 weeks it doesn't have much competition, hahaha)

Well until next week! Keep working hard, reading your scriptures and praying A LOT! I think I've said this before but I'll say it again, you CANNOT pray too much! :) haha! anyway, yeah, I'll talk to you all next week! :)
Don't forget to be awesome! :)

-Elder Powell

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