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Monday, November 3, 2014

On the winward side - little plant cells - wild chickens

WELCOME HOME MADDY!!!!!! And as well Aloha to the rest of the family!!
I'm not going to lie it's been SUPER weird this last week thinking that Maddy is now home and well... back to normal life! (or about as close to normal as I guess you can get in the Powell home! haha) But yeah, so anyway, it's great to hear about all your updates and adventures back home!! It is also fun to hear about the updates and adventures on the Perkins family!! Thank you Dad for all you do!! :)

As for out here in bright and sunny Kane'ohe it's been.. well not too bright and sunny.. as you might guess it's actually been rather dark and rainy! haha! But that's what it's like on the windward side! A TON of rain! :) anyway, this week has just been overloaded with all sorts of amazing stuff that I just can't even begin to know where to start. As far as progress in the work it is definitely still edging along slowly but again every week as we take time to just keep on pushing forward and "Carry on" we find that well, it does progress!

 I actually had a long and very nice conversation last night with Elder Manning (by the way dad I did ask him and he did not recognize any of those Manning names although, to be fair not everyone is quite as up to date on their 5th great grandparents as you are! haha!) but anyway, so we were talking about faith and testimonies and everything and well I kind of made a comparison that I just realized works pretty well for missionary work too! I still can't explain it too well but ... see if this makes any sense.

Faith grows like a little seen right? Well how is it that plants grow? One tiny little plant cell at a time! Sometimes we expect to see big changes or giant growths in a single moment but that's simply not how it works! It more often grows again one, immeasurably small, cell at a time. And just as a botanist would find it extremely frustrating and difficult to observe, measure and record every single cell division that occurs in the growth of a seed into a giant tree so it can also often be difficult, frustrating and discouraging if we are trying to measure and record every single bit of spiritual growth (or growth in the mission area in this case) and in fact it can sometimes be detrimental to the growth of that plant (or spirit). Instead we must have faith that if we continue to water and take care of the plant making sure that it is always in direct contact with the light (reading scriptures, praying, attending church, and doing all things to continue a direct line of revelation between us and our Heavenly Father) than without having to measure each step we can know that IT WILL GROW!! and so... well that's kind of how I've been having to take this area of my mission. While we are not seeing much growth and we definitely have no sign of fruits in sight we're simple moving forward with faith that somewhere some tiny little cell of faith is growing and we are helping to provide the water and light that it needs to continue its slow and yet steady growth back to our Father in Heaven!

Anyway, I hope that all made sense! so yeah, I guess that kind of sums up everything for week 2 of transfer 3 in Kane'ohe Hawaii, in the HAWAII HONOLULU MISSION! THE GREATEST MISSION IN THE WORLD!! :D

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Keep on doing what you are doing, press forward with faith in good things to come, welcome home again Maddy, and to everyone, don’t forget to be awesome!! :D

Aloha Nui Loa!
-Elder Powell

I haven't done a SotW in a while!! So.. yeah, 2 Nephi 28:32 (a great one for those eternal investigators! :) haha)

my makeshift scripture case
This random Chicken we found that some how got SUPER high up in this tree and it was just kind of funny! :) haha Joe you would LOVE Hawaii, there are TONS of just wild chickens running all over and it's totally legal and normal to just chase one down and kill it and eat it! In fact my companion has been talking about getting one soon so we might be having a chicken dinner soon! hahaha!

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