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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"A successful missionary" - Grinding - Hangin' with a hippie

As for everything here out in the middle of the pacific, all is well! We're coming up on the end of yet another transfer (they go by SO FAST!! ...okay, well maybe not that fast but they still go by... haha!) So by Saturday I should know if I will be fortunate enough to spend Christmas here in beautiful Kane'ohe or if I will be getting transferred somewhere else in the Island chain. But that's still a ways away for so while I'm still here in Kane'ohe we have still been making the most of every day!

Honestly this last week was kind of interesting. It's been a pretty slow one to say the least and yet it's been just as successful (if you want a good definition of what a successful week really is for missionaries I'd suggest turning to PMG ch.1 "a successful missionary”) Anyway, so that's been something we've been having to really focus on is that even if there's no real "progress" being made in the area with investigators or less-actives that we are doing our part and performing the labor to which we have been called (see Moroni 9:6 or my mission plaque) and so that's good enough for me I guess.

Anyway, while I honestly don't have much else to report on from the past week we do have some great things to look forward to in the coming week! Tonight we have a dinner/FHE with one of the members of our bishopric and his daughter who is really good friends with one of our investigator families so they're all going to be there and it's going to be great grinds and a great spirit and I'm just super excited for that! :D Also we might be going fishing with our other investigator, S. so that will be fun! Although I probably won't be fishing too much he did say he'd bring his Ukes as well so we can jam together! :) (he's REALLY good!) and then of course we have Thanksgiving!!! and as you might imagine here in Hawaii, we're gonna be spending almost the entire day just grinding!!!!
(grind- (n) pidgin for a large amount of different foods, (v) the act of eating said food. i.e. "Bra! They get all kine grind here!" other forms: grinds, grind-ing)
So yeah I'm super excited for that! I'm actually kind of getting a taste and appreciation for the local food here (Kalua pig, chicken long rice, squid luau, poi) although I'm still not quite use to the texture of Poke (raw fish). But anyway, yeah so that's kind of been my life here in the islands for the week! love you all and hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Stay strong, carry on, and Don't forget to be awesome!! :D

-Elder Powell

SotW: 3 Nephi 18:10-12 (or 1-14) good to study with Moroni ch. 4&5

p.s. the pictures are me and Elder Manning having a blast at a 1yr old birthday party for some members in our ward! They go ALL out for those things! I've been to two so far and both were AMAZING!! Anyway, the other one we're just chilling with the live entertainment at said party who happened to be the most stereotypical hippie I've ever met! Also a very nice guy! haha! He kind of reminded me or the episode of Psych with the Polar Bear, a great one to watch by the way if you ever get bored! haha! 

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