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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New area - tiny, white and solid


In case you've ever wondered this is what a pineapple plant looks like
Man, congrats Paul on the graduation and everything!!! That’s super awesome!!! Glad to hear that all of you are keeping at least a little bit my weekly commitment to not forget to be awesome! haha! I don't have a ton of time today so I'll just jump on into what's happening over here in Mililani!!

Some dinner the Otokichy family fried up for us when we went over to say bye!
So as you all know the hysteria of transfers as of late is finally coming to a close and I have settled now in Mililani 1st ward where I will be for hopefully a little longer than a month and a half :P haha! Anyway, from what I've seen so far it's a pretty cool area... definitely a LOT different than where I was on the Big Island! 

We're right in the heart of Mililani so the area is tiny, the houses are big and pretty much everyone is at least slightly rich, so again a HUGE change but it's ok I'm adjusting pretty well. I think the weirdest thing is that almost everyone over here is white!!! haha! I just got so used to seeing predominantly Polynesians and now I'm in a ward that is predominantly white and it's throwing me off a bit, I almost feel like I'm back on the mainland! haha! However … I have found at least so far that just like everywhere else over here, Mililani is very full of the spirit of Aloha! :) The ward is very solid (definitely the biggest one I've been in except maybe in Hauula but even then I think this one was a little bigger... although it was ward conference so I think that contributed... anyway, sorry I had a little ADHD moment there, but they really are a solid ward) and it's also very well organized and efficient. I figure it has a lot to do with the dynamic of the community but it's interesting because at least from what I've seen so far it seems to be run almost like a business over here. The ward council especially was very formal and stuck to the agenda and it was just kind of odd because of the stark contrast found in most wards I've been in with their very laid back local mentality. But it's a good odd! :) haha!

Elder Griffin and Elder Powell
 As for Elder Griffin and I, we are doing great! Elder Griffin is a SUPER solid missionary!! We actually came out together so that's the second time I'll have had a companion that's out the same time which is always fun! :) haha! Anyway, he's from Richfield, UT so not quite as small of a town as Elder Sellers out in Hanksville but still pretty small, anyway that being said his small town background doesn't reflect in the slightest our goals for this next transfer or so together!! We’ve actually got some really exciting plans together! 

We've already got a few progressing investigators including one with a baptismal date for May 2nd (I tried to convince them to switch it to May the 4th but no one else found my proposal quite as compelling as I did...) Anyway, so I'll let you guys know how all of that goes! :) But we’ve also just started passing out "family mission plan" to all of the active families here to hopefully start generating referrals, finding new investigators and eventually baptizing nations! :D haha! So yeah, I'll keep you guys up to date of all of that! :) But anyway, for now we've gotta get going to the store and then to our pad to do some MAJOR clean up! haha! So on that fun note, I hope you all have a GREAT week!!! I love you and am praying for you so much every single day!!! Stay strong, carry on, and don't forget to be awesome!!! :D

Aloha nui loa and ofa atu!!!
-Elder Powell

p.s. Thank you again though for all of your prayers and fasting on my behalf, I really do appreciate it and they are very much felt! Aloha au ia 'oe!!!

p.p.s. Sorry I don't really have any pictures since I got here but I do have some of the plane ride over and some of us messing around with some settings on the camera! :) hahaha!

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