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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Zone Conference - Up Front - You Can All See Miracles

Aloha Ohana! 

Thanks for the update on everything as well as for your many prayers and posts on my behalf! They are felt and they are loved just and each of you is loved so much! Now then, if I can bring myself to form logical sentences I will try to do so. First responding to your e-mail. Congrats Joe of your avid triathlon-ing (I could only ever bring myself to do that triathlon once!) Well hopefully you will continue to do physical things like that and you can get really strong and fit and especially good at basketball (many of your future mission companions will very much appreciate a fellow athlete... then again I suppose you will have the occasional companion who spent all their time in the music building or playing video games and watching science channel specials on the universe and they will very much appreciate your non-athleticism... but as I've found out here those ones tend to be a minority among Elders... :P haha!)

Anyway, back on topic! Congrats on your chapel cleaning, your home teaching and your full-night sleeping (assuming you are getting a full-night sleep, I know that is a rare thing for us here as I'm sure it is for especially you mom and dad as well. haha) Also a HUGE congrats to Elder Jarman!!!! I literally cannot express enough how happy I am to hear that he has chosen this path! Oh also he is going to the Kennewich Washington English speaking mission!! (Sister Shaeffer beat you to the punch on that one, sorry! haha) Anyway! off on another tangent! I'm sure you are all much more interested in what has been happening out here in Hawaii! Although your cause to be interested in that is very well justified, I am sorry to report that the outcome of this week was not all that exciting.... well I guess that's a lie, there were a few things of note.

First we got to have our Zone Conference here in Mililani on Friday and that was great of course! But what was particularly cool was we always combine for zone conference with the Kane'ohe zone!! And so while there were not really many missionaries left in that zone from when I was there, I did get to talk to Elder Smith a bit (who replaced me in the Kane'ohe 4th ward) and he told me that the work in that ward has actually majorly picked up the last few months!! although I was sad to hear that most of the people I was teaching have since been dropped, I was particularly excited to hear that one lady Elder Manning and I tracted into and never saw again before I left has actually been taking the missionary discussions and is going to church and wants to get baptized!! so that's awesome!!! :D Also since it's been almost a whole paragraph now since I've had a good side note I feel I should mention that Elder Smith happens to be from Queen Creek Arizona and was actually good friends before the mission with Hans Alverson! :)

ANYWAY! Back to Mililani!! So the other major highlight of this week I'd have to say was our lesson with C! So we have been teaching this young man named C who is a senior this year at Mililani high school and he is just the most solid golden investigator you'll ever find! Seriously, he does more scripture reading and praying than I did probably my whole senior year!!! He's just so awesome! But anyway, Elder Griffin and I were talking about how we should bring up with him the idea of going on a mission after he is baptized and such and we were kind of worried about it maybe setting him off a bit to the whole idea but then, without us asking or prompting anything out of him, he tells us "I was just praying the other night and asking God …what he wants me to do and I would do it and I thought about you guys and this little voice in my mind told me I needed to do what you guys are doing and go on a mission!" (I am paraphrasing a bit). But seriously he was just that up front and serious about it!! We never said anything to him or pushed him into it or anything but he just has such a sincere desire to follow the Savior and such a humble heart to do his will that the spirit was able to speak very clearly to him words that we could have never conveyed as well on our own. Truly the spirit is the teacher and we are just babbling 19-year-olds wandering to and fro trying and failing over and over again to do the Lords work when, as C showed perfect, the Lord is able to do his own work!! I love the Lord and I love this gospel! This is just one of the many miracles we see every week out here and I know and promise that you can all see miracles as well in your own life as you continue to trust in the Lord and follow his guidance and council and especially as you share the Gospel with others! :)

Well I figure I have rambled on for long enough and gone on one too many tangents so I guess I will leave it there. Thank you again for all that you do! I love you all and I am praying for each of you every day!! Please let me know if there is anything more that I can do for you each week!! I am more than happy to! :) haha! Have a great week! keep being awesome! :D
Aloha nui loa!!

-Elder Powell

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