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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Basketball playing potato farmer


 Man, sounds like all of you are getting ready for another crazy, exciting, and hot summer back in Arizona! I guess as the weather heats up so does everyone's lives out there! As for Hawaii the temperature and work and everything is staying just as calm and pleasant as ever! :) haha! As I'm sure you've pieced together by now Elder Griffin is gone. He's back in Waipahu (where he just came from) as a Zone Leader! And I now am with Elder Baker. It's been super fun cause for the third time now I have a companion I came out with but for the first time it is one of the guys from my district in the MTC even! So we already got to know each other pretty well there and now we are getting to know each other even better out here! :) It's cool too cause he's actually NOT from Utah believe it or not! And he came out at 19 also! So now everyone who tries to sarcastically ask "what part of Utah are you from?" we can both respond with "we're not!" :) haha Anyway, other random information about him.... he's a potato farmer from Moses Lake, Washington, he's SUPER good at basketball (which is good cause I'm not so the ward can enjoy having at least one good elder at basketball night! haha), and he's played and beaten The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time ALMOST as many times as I have!! (but I think I still have him beat at that one! ;) haha) Anyway, we're getting along well. :)

As for the area, it's still just pluggin' along. So very soon after C. decided to get baptized he actually procured and gave a copy of the Book of Mormon to his Dad and apparently his Dad has been reading it and praying and such and told C. that he wants to convert!!! WHOOHOO!!!! Anyway, they technically live outside of our area but I'm assuming they want to be able to all go to church together as a family so I think we might still be able to teach him :) Anyway, I'll definitely let you know how all of that goes! :) I guess God knows best. It's still hard though watching things not really work out all bright and happy like you planned it... but again, I guess that's just life sometimes... Anyway, we got a couple of new investigators.... kind of... they’re not the most solid of investigators and we're worried with both of them that we won't get far beyond the first or maybe the second lesson, but hey, that's exactly what miracles are for! :D haha! So yeah, trying to keep hopeful and optimistic while always trying to find more people to teach! :)

Sorry I'm sure you probably have more questions and I know I definitely have a lot more I would like to say about everything that is happening in your folks lives but I'm just about out of time for this week so I'll have to leave it there. Definitely though never forget that I love you and I am praying for you!! This memorial day I am so grateful for all the memories I have with each and every one of you as well as the many more I hope to make in the future! Truly the memory of all those great men and women who lived before us lives on in each of us and I just hope I can live up to the memories I will always cherish of them and leave similar memories with other to come! :) (how's that for memorial day line? haha I'm not even sure if it makes any sense but it almost sounds profound so I'll just leave it! haha!) Anyway, have a fantastic week! I love you all! Stay strong, carry on and don't forget to be awesome!! :D

Ofa lahi atu and Aloha nui loa!! :)
-Elder Powell

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