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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Yoda, BAPTISM and Rainbows

Aloha ohana and HAPPY MAY THE FOURTH!!! :D :D May the Fourth be with you, always! :)

Man, sounds like you all had a pretty eventful week! What are you doing to celebrate this amazing intergalactic holiday today?! :) I know I will be enjoying some Yoda sodas and just admiring my lego Darth Vader alarm clock and Yoda plush doll because that's about as much Star Wars as I can get out here on the mission :P haha! Anyway, I am going to have to have you guys buy that movie for me and get out my Jedi cloak and light sabers out so that I can watch it first thing I get home and get released! haha! But anyway, on to not so secular news! :P haha

 So, I will attach a picture from this last weekend at C’s BAPTISM!!! :D That's right! It pulled through!! My first real baptism!!!! :D He is just the most solid kid ever! We already have plans to start going out on splits with him and he's preparing for a mission himself!! Honestly thinking back he reminds me a TON of Ben Lopez! Just found the gospel right about the same time as Ben did and just instantly was touched by the spirit and progressed faster than I've ever seen anyone! He is so dedicated he's already given his dad and Book of Mormon and is working on getting the rest of his family back to church, also he quit his job just because they wouldn't give him Sundays off! Anyway, that was really exciting!

We also got a new investigators this week! His name is S.  He's the #1 golfer in Hawaii (well for high school at least) and he's about to graduate and has a full-ride to BYU so naturally him and his family are all a little curious about the church at this time. We just started teaching him and his mom this week and we will hopefully start teaching his whole family next week! :D They're all really awesome and already have quite a bit of fellowship in the ward so we're looking to get them baptized by the end of this month! :)

I hope you have a fantastic week!! :D Thank you again for all that you guys do and all that you are! I love you so much and am praying for you always! Have a great week, stay strong, carry on, don't forget to be awesome and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU, ALWAYS!! :D Ofa lahi atu!!

-Jedi Master Powell :) 
p.s. Elder Griffin got to do the baptism for C and then I did the confirmation on Sunday. And yes, I promise he's 17! almost 18 actually! He's just part Filipino so he's well... small :P hahaha! also, they don't call it the Rainbow state for nothing! There was actually a double rainbow but the second was too faint to be picked up by my camera :P (also I just realized that is a pretty good picture to give you an idea of just how rich the area we are serving in is! That is like an average house, which, while it may look fairly normal for mainland standards is well over a million dollars out here! :P haha)

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