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Thursday, July 16, 2015

A lot of resting, Jenga with dishes


Aloha!!!!!!! Thanks for the e-mail! I really appreciate it! I'm glad to know that at least Joe is staying busy with all sorts of crazy high adventure trips and such! I mean it sounds like all of you have pretty full schedules for sure but that five day backpacking trip just sounded EXTRA awesome! :) haha! Also speaking of extra awesome, I'm sad I missed the revival of "The Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe!!" did they stay true to the original story and set and everything? I'm sure it's going to be up for multiple Tony's in the coming ceremony for best off-Broadway revival! How was "little piggy #2"? I mean I know it's hard to beat the originals but I'm sure they found someone pretty great to fill that role being as it is probably one of THE MOST important ones in the whole show! ;) haha! Anyway, that really does sound fun as does everything you guys have been partaking in over the last few weeks! As for our week here, well it's probably going to be a pretty short e-mail.. for two reasons, one we don't have much time, but two we really don't have a lot to report on.

So this last week after e-mailing all of you we had a nice dinner with some members and then soon after were on our way back towards our pad.... little did we know we wouldn't be leaving it again until Sunday!! Both of us had been feeling crummy for a little while (pretty much just exhaustion) but my companion has type one diabetes and hence forth he also has a really weak immune system ... But he's doing a lot better now!! Anyway, really that is about the only thing to update you on. We just spent our days playing the uke, reading scriptures, watching church videos and of course, a lot of resting. Although I suppose one MAJOR awesome and exciting note to kind of end on is that J got confirmed!! Of course that was just awesome!!! He is really incredibly solid and will be a great asset to the ward that he moved into.

Well sorry again this week was so short but I gotta get going here pretty soon. Thank you again though for all that you do and all that you are! I love you and am praying for you as always!!! Have a great week and of course, don't forget to be awesome!!! :D :D

Ofa lahi atu!
-Elder Powell

p.s. that's so exciting for Joey!!! He's definitely gonna have a well... interesting time over there! haha! Nah, the Marshall Islands are way cool! Obviously we have a TON of Marshellese people over here in Hawaii and they seriously are just the most humble and receptive people ever! I'm sure he'll find lots of success and have lots of great experiences over there! send all of my love and aloha to him and all the family! :)

p.p.s. the only picture I really have to send from this last week is our odd little game of jenga we play whenever we do dishes and have to stack them on the drying rack... hahaha! sorry it's kinda a weird picture to send home, but yeah... that's all I got for this week! haha! love you!

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