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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cottage meeting, Keep on digging

Dear Family!

Aloha from the islands of Hawaii! Mahalo nui loa for all of your kind thoughts and your e-mails, they are much appreciated! Sorry if I'm a little brief with my responses but unfortunately as always we seem to be rushed on time when it comes to e-mailing on p-day. But I am so glad to hear that your week has been a blessed one as well! :) We definitely always enjoy feeling the blessings of the Lord that come from doing his work! Of those blessing this past week I guess I would just like to highlight a few of them.

So for starters, kind of working my way backwards, yesterday we had a GREAT cottage meeting! I don't know if I've ever explained to you kind of what those are but basically we just have a little fireside for recent converts and/or recently reactivated members where they just kind of tell their stories and share their testimonies and people can bring friends and family and it's just always a great time, but this month's was especially great because it was almost entire dominated by the Mililani 1st ward!! We actually provided BOTH of the speakers from our pool of recent converts including Codey  and Jeff and that was great but beyond even that we also had our progressing investigator W show up and one of our "progressing" less-actives come too as well as Jeff and Codey's families (who are made up of almost entirely less-actives or non-members) and to top it all I got to lead the music for the meeting which is always fun to do! :) who would have thought it'd be so much fun to just wave your arm around at people and try and get them singing! :) hahaha!

Anyway, a quick word on W. So we've been teaching W for a while now and there were multiple time when we almost dropped him just because, well honestly because we weren't being patient enough. But anyway, just as the Lord does with so many things in life, he made us wait until we were just about at our wits end and almost out of lessons until all of a sudden he sure enough worked a miracle in our lives and in his! For whatever reason W started to really progress just incredibly fast!! He already has finished the ENTIRE Book of Mormon, has come to church 3 weeks in a row now, is praying really hard and seeking an answer to his questions and studies for literally hours every week between lessons from LDS.org and mormon.org!! Anyway, the problem though, is he just doesn't feel like he has gotten his answer yet, he said he just keeps on getting the impressions to "keep on digging, don't give up yet" which is certainly a great answer but it has just been a little disheartening to him as well as us because he wants to know but just can't seems to figure it out yet for himself.. anyway, we'll see what the coming weeks holds in store, I hope and pray I will see it happen but am not too sure with transfers coming up in just a few weeks here again. But regardless I'm sure in the end everything will work out! The Lord definitely knows his children and he loves them and wants the best for them! I know that! 

As well I love you all so much a miss you like crazy! Know that I am praying for you always and trust that the Lord will take care of you until we meet again! Have a fantastic week! Don't forget to be awesome! :)

Aloha nui loa!
-Elder (Luke) Powell

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