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Sunday, December 7, 2014

STAYING - Football - Charlie Brown

Aloha Family and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I hope everyone had an Ono thanksgiving week filled with many grindz and relaxation! It is exciting to hear about all the family gathering together and brings back many great memories. Oh and tell Brian if he wants something to do he could respond to the e-mail I sent him two weeks ago! :P haha! We also had the great pleasure out here of making new memories and enjoying some thanksgiving traditions Hawaiian style with the beautiful people of Kane'ohe! :)  Speaking of which I found out that I AM staying here in Kane'ohe at least one more transfer so I'll be here for Christmas, New Years and Dad's birthday! haha!
with Sis. Tani

 Honestly, I kind of have mixed feelings about all that stuff with transfers just because I LOVE Kane'ohe and the members and am VERY excited to be able to spend Christmas with them, but at the same time … I'm honestly starting to forget that there's more to the Hawaii Mission than just Kane'ohe. I'm starting to feel almost more just like a ward member than a missionary sometimes! If that makes any sense :P haha! BUT We did have some VERY exciting progress in this area in the last week!!  So I don't know if I mentioned last week that we were having a dinner/lesson at a member’s house and they had over one of our investigator families as well? Well it did happen and long story short the Mom and her two kids over 8 all agreed to be baptized and we put them on date for Dec 27th!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOHOO!!!!!!!

Also we have another family (our dinner tonight actually) who has a friend that expressed desires to get baptized without ANYONE pushing him or anything!! So that's super exciting!! haha! We've only met him once at the Thanksgiving activities at the church but the member we were talking to about him said that she thinks he could be baptized by the end of the year!! So that's also super exciting!! :D

Anyway, I just realized I never even talked about Thanksgiving! :P hahaha! So yeah, thanksgiving day was GREAT! As you might image we weren't really able to do much so we really just cruised with members all day. We actually got up "SUPER EARLY" (according to our members) or just a half hour earlier than normal for us :P haha! to go play turkey bowl with the ward! :) We were hoping for a lot bigger turn out especially with non-members and LA's but we still had a blast (and don't worry mom it was flag and in fact pretty much any contact made was a minimum five yard penalty! haha!) But it was fun no matter what! I actually made a pretty cool 20ish yard run which was awesome! (although we still ended up turning over the ball and getting destroyed by the other team! haha!) But anyway, after a little morning exercise we cleaned up and went over to the stake center to start the days grinding! We had a ward lunch-in with CHOKE food!! (choke- pidgin for "a lot") and yet we had pretty much our average turn out for activities which is about 30. Consisting primarily of the bishopric, single sisters, and young couples with no family (or missionaries with no family! haha) but it was still very enjoyable and VERY good food!!
apparently this coconut tree got pretty kanak attacked as well

 So then after that I got MAJOR kanak attack and we went home, took a short nap, and then wrote thank you cards to a bunch of the members and ran all around town delivering them and wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving! :) But the best part had to be our dinner! We went to the Kapele's, this old traditional sort of Hawaiian family! While the food (for the most part) was of a more traditional mainland style it was still prepared INCREDIBLY!! I'm telling you Hawaiian's know how to cook!! (oh speaking of which, fun fact... two pairs of pants don't fit me anymore and the other two are getting tight... so hopefully I can get those let out soon. :P haha!) Anyway, they had an entire party so there was plenty of food and good people to talk to and overall just a great thanksgiving! :) 

It has been hard though with the holidays not only to stay focused as missionaries but for the members and investigators and everyone to focus at all on missionary work or learning or anything so that's been kind of hard but of course the church being as INCREDIBLE as it is has the PERFECT solution for that! :) He is the Gift!! I'm sure you are familiar with the video and cards by this point but if not GET FAMILIAR AND GET SHARING IT!!! It's hard to miss. Just go on lds.org and it's kind of dead center on the home page! haha! anyway, I'm VERY exciting for that and hopefully it will have some good effects on the mission work as well but if not at least it can help us all to keep our selves a little more focused on the true meaning of Christmas! (that and Charlie Brown Christmas, that always helps me to focus on the true meaning of Christmas as well! :) haha) Anyway, we've gotta get going but I love you all and know that I am VERY thankful for each and every one of you and for your prayers on our behalf! Time is still creeping by slowly as ever and yet it goes by! haha! I wish you all the best! Don't forget to be awesome! Mahalo and Aloha Nui Loa! :)

-Elder Powell
Click here He is the gift to watch the video Luke mentions  
SotW: John 3:16 (see He is the Gift card)

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