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Monday, December 29, 2014


Dear Ohana!

Wow, sounds like quite the eventful week! The Messiah sounds like it was amazing as usual!
Overall I don't have a ton to update on. Honestly this week has been pretty rough. Besides just the usual stresses of missionary work it has been difficult to really do much of anything with any of our investigators, Less-active members, or well anyone for that matter because everyone is either preparing for, left to the main land for or just doing anything and everything else besides talking to missionaries for Christmas! haha! Soo... it's been a little odd but we do have an AWESOME military couple who is having us over on Christmas day to Skype you guys and hang out for a bit since they also are far from home and family so them and one of our single members in the Elders Quorum who's family is all in the mainland will all be spending at least part of Christmas together in our own little island of misfit toys! :) haha! but yeah, I'm SUPER excited to get to see all of you and talk and hopefully my ramblings will make slightly more sense than they do in my weekly e-mails... maybe... but no promises! haha! anyway, much love and aloha!! Don't forget to be awesome!! :D

-Elder Powell

p.s. one of the oddest sensations has to be having one sock completely soaked and the other dry and I'm learning that while standing here at the library computer.

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