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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Summarizing - No down time


So, sorry but this is going to be CRAZY!!!! Apparently the library closes MUCH earlier than expected and as such I am left with practically NO time to write much, but as a quick response...

It has remained very hot and very wet out here as tropical islands tend to do no matter what month of the year. (although it has cooled down SIGNIFICANTLY at night! and by significantly I mean it gets to maybe 75 but that's pretty cold for out here!) As for my week well, here's the very short, un-descriptive paragraph I sent to Elder Evans a couple minutes ago! :P haha!.

"Anyway, yeah it's been a CRAZY week! Basically summarizing it in a few sentences. We lost our investigators with baptismal dates, hooked up two of our single members for their first "date", found a homeless member and checked him into detox and rehab where he only stayed for a total of 1/2 a day (so that's still a fun work in progress) got THREE reactivation! (hopefully I didn't just jinx it and they all stop coming again!), got a member referral that turned into a new investigator with VERY GOOD outlooks, watched a Christmas parade (and drew more attention to ourselves than the people marching in the parade! haha!) We went fishing, went to the temple (AMAZING of course) are going to Pearl Harbor tomorrow had two amazing sessions of stake conference followed by a special missionary fireside given by a visiting GA (Elder Johnson from the Seventy) and now I'm trying to e-mail everyone with the library closing in 15 minutes!! WHOO!!! Life never slows down! :) haha! Anyway, much love and Mahalos!! DFTBA!!"

Anyway, I love you all and promise I will send MANY pictures and much more details next week of the crazy week we've been having and are continuing to have this week! I guess no down time is a good thing in the mission though! haha!

Aloha Nui Loa!

-Elder Powell

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