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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Crazy week and crazy people


First off I apologize for the rushed and unexplainably odd e-mail last week. While I would LOVE to send you a nice simple and normal e-mail this week... well simple and normal as you well know are not things which us Powell's do too well! haha

Now then, on to my crazy week!! As referred to earlier in this e-mail, this week was much less than normal! It started out odd because our p-day which was supposed to be pushed back to Tuesday to accommodate our Temple trip got moved back to Monday AFTER we had already planned three lessons for that day! So oddly enough p-day was our most productive day that whole week including two with member lessons a less-active visit and a new investigator, who is VERY solid but we may or may not run into some trouble…

Our crazy week didn't stop after just an odd p-day however. Towards the end of our p-day we found out that the temple trip WAS back on! So we spent most of our day Tuesday at the Laie Temple which of course was AMAZING!! :D And then Wednesday we had service on the Pearl Harbor however they only could have so many go and so ONE companionship from our whole zone had to stay and well... of course that was us :P Anyway, we ended up doing a little exchange that day so Elder Manning could go since he's been off island for a while and hasn't done it in a long time and I just walked about the streets of Kane'ohe with Elder Bergman. And then Thursday we got the opportunity to go to the PCC Christmas Lagoon if we brought and investigator so that was GREAT!! Definitely not their most amazing show but still it was free and it was fun! One of my favorite parts was the "Brazilian dance"!! :) (don't ask me why they had that at the Polynesian Cultural Center as well as "dances" from France and India... but it's was cool none the less! haha!

Anyway, the Friday was filled with.... well literal crazy people! haha! We started off the day with an extra-long zone meeting which ended up getting a little crazy, we have some funny zone leaders but they're cool! haha! And then our dinner had to cancel because the bank that the wife works at got robbed, and then later that day while visiting a less-active member we found out that it was one of those less-active member’s friends that robbed the bank!!!

 And then later we ran into a crazy person who was making all sorts of weird signs and saying things like "your name tags mean nothing to me" and "you don't have to keep secrets from me!" and well we found out later from a person we just happened to street contact who ended up knowing the crazy guy making those signs that apparently that guy thought he was the all mighty, Pharaoh, and Mohammed, and Christ, and was trying to put a curse on us... so as if that wasn't weird enough we found out that his friend who we street contacted into worshiped the Sun and thought that "God is the Sun, the Earth is the Mother, and the moon is their wedding ring." ....and it ended up he's a member as well! So yeah... we're definitely getting missionaries over to talk to him cause he was very nice and just had some well... interesting ideas about things. Anyway, then to wrap up that day we went to one of our investigators houses to try and visit with him and found out that he was going to visit a friend of his who was here from Egypt who was going to be sacrificing a lamb for his son’s birth... so that was very exciting! :P

Anyway, I also ended up getting a call late Thursday night from Bishop asking if I could throw together a number for church THAT Sunday!! So, I spent most of Saturday frantically practicing with Sis. Sampaio and we pulled together a very nice arrangement of Gesu Bambino. It felt GREAT to sing again! It'd been WAY too long! haha! anyway, so that's the condensed version of my CRAZY week! I've gotta run now - stay strong, carry on, and don't forget to be awesome!! :)
Mele Kelikimaka!

-Elder Powell

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