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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fireworks, Movies and a Crazy Storm

Dear Family!!

It's hard to believe that is has only been a week since I last talked to you! SO much has happened and yet at the same time it feels like none of it has happened! (because that makes sense :P haha) Anyway, we started off our week with a great visit with our pretty much only investigator…he's still great and making progress and still has a very strong desire. :P Anyway, New Years out here was pretty amazing!! We got together with some other missionaries and watched fireworks from there house and holy cow was there a show!! There was a cul de sac close by these other missionaries home and all the houses there had blocked off the circle and filled it with all kinds of fireworks and fire crackers and bottle rockets and fountains and everything!!! It was CRAZY! haha! And what made it even more crazy is we found out after the fact from one of our members that apparently Fireworks are pretty much entirely illegal in Hawaii as of a few years ago but it's just nobody listens and nobody really enforces it because of all the other crazy stuff they have to deal with on that night so all the neighborhoods still manage to put on some awesome firework shows! :) haha! Anyway, we also got to spend New Years Eve as a Zone together and watched Despicable Me 2 and then on New Years Day we got to get together again and watch The Saratov Approach (SUPER good and also super intense!!) It made me almost apprehensive to contact referrals but... well... it's Hawaii. Even the homeless people are full of Aloha as we found out again last night when one tried to buy us some Musubi's! haha

Anyway, so in other news, another month and a half have come and gone and all too fast transfers are coming up! This week will be our last full week and we should know by Saturday if I am staying or leaving, although I feel that I will almost definitely be leaving as I've been here for 1/4th of my mission already (isn't that crazy!?!?! It's been almost 6 months already!!!! Holy Moly!!) Anyway, I will be sure to let you all know when and where I will be! :)

Well I hope things start to warm up for you folks back in AZ soon (although I suppose you're probably enjoying the break from the heat) We have also been freezing at night out here! (but again I suppose I have softened up even more to extreme temperatures because low 90's is VERY HOT and high 60's is VERY COLD... so really I don't have a major reason to complain! :P haha! Anyway, thank you again for all you guys do and all that you are!! I love each and every one of you SO much and pray for you continually! :) Happy New Year! I hope that it is filled with many service projects, spiritual experiences, and of course a LOT of Star Wars and Doctor Who!! :) haha!
Stay strong, Carry on and Don't forget to be awesome!!! :)

Aloha Nui Loa!

-Elder Powell

p.s. I can't believe I almost forgot to tell you about the CRAZY storm we had the other day!!! While it didn't last too incredibly long it was seriously bigger than any of the so called "hurricanes" we had in the past months! In fact I heard from some members that there were hurricane force winds as one point or at least close to it! Tons of trees were knocked over and while thankfully our house was not damaged at all in any way, water did seep in through the windows cause of how strong the wind was so we had to move our beds and everything to the middle of the room! haha!

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