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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New Area, New Companion and a Camero

Malo e lelei, Talofa and Aloha!!

So.... fun fact. Remember how I told you we would be covering two wards.... well I lied.... we're covering THREE!! The English, Tongan, AND Samoan!! haha soo... yeah, it's been interesting.. anyway, we do have a car so no more walking! It would be super funny for us to try and walk considering we literally cover practically the ENTIRE zone! so everything from the border or my last zone, Kaawa, to Kahuku! It's also been a major change going from somewhere VERY city to somewhere that is EXTREMELY country! The houses and lots out here are HUGE compared to Kaneohe!

 Anyway, so... Hauula! Man, it's been a CRAZY week! It so weird because every single day in this area feels super long and like the stuff that happened one day happened over the matter of multiple days and that every day is actually weeks apart! I already feel like I've been here for MONTHS!

So a few quick things, my new companion is Elder Rentmeister! We actually came out together so we're both at six months about and he was only in the area for one transfer before I got here and was junior companion so over all he didn't get to know the area too well so now we're both pretty much just lost and wandering around the roads of North Shore... haha! Our many adventures have ranged from teaching children and having them get sick and throw up on each other during class to going on a "spiritual journey" hosted by BYU-H students to having a young girl come up to us and tell us that she wants to get baptized has taken the lessons multiple times, goes to church, and even is in her second year of seminary but only had to wait because her parents told her she couldn't until she was 18 so we are going to get her ready to do that exactly two days after her 18th birthday!!!!!

 Anyway, aside from the random day to day craziness that happens honestly it's been very interesting because if I thought Kane'ohe was laid back and slow paced I was GREATLY mistaken! It is EXTREMELY local out here, not a lot of palangi's like us, and everyone is just extremely laid back, relaxed for the most part and just kind of takes the attitude of "if it happens it happens and if not no big deal." and "things will happen in their own time, no need to rush it or anything" and so while there are still VERY many strong and great active members who are anxiously engaged in the work of salvation as well as many anxiously seeking out the word of God, it is over all a very simple and slow life style which has it's ups and downs.

Also I forgot to mention but my new companion is just AMAZING!!! Everything from our back stories to our sense of humor to our general interests and everything else just makes us pretty much exactly the same person!  We find ourselves with tired voices and guts from laughing so much and having to force ourselves to go to bed because we could both easily stay up all night just talking and playing games and such! Anyway, it's not just him either! there are only three other sets of Elders in our zone not including the ZL's because most of this zone is covered by all of the VC (visitor's center) sisters and all of them are awesome and we get along great and it's just so much fun to be surrounded by people who not only help you to have fun but to work hard and be successful! :) Also it's really cool to be here in Laie zone with all of the resources it has like the Temple (monthly now for us in zone instead of every three months!!) and BYU-H (where we e-mail) and the PCC and the VC and members GALORE!!! (They’re seriously more concentrated here than Utah!!!) and so on and so forth! Anyway, very long e-mail made short. I love Hau'la, I love my companion, I love our wards, and I just love Hawaii!! :) I also love each and every one of you and am praying for you constantly! If there is anyone reading this from Kane'ohe 4th ward know that I still think about and pray for all of you daily as well! I am just right up the road if you need anything!! And to all of you, have a great week! Stay strong, carry on, and don't forget to be awesome!! :D

Ofa atu!

-Elder Powell

p.s. as for the convertible story we were just eating at North Shore Tacos (definitely somewhere you guys HAVE to go if you come back here! It is SUPER good! haha!) and there were some members (as there always are in this area) who were just on vacation and saw us and they were like "oh let us take a picture and send it home to your mothers!!" and so we took the picture in their rented Camero! hahaha!

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