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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Headless chickens

Talofa family!

Sorry for being a day late and sorry in advance if this whole e-mail is kind of short, not full of it's normal wit and doesn't make and sense, but after this last week I've had, my attention span is short, my stomach is full of Samoan food and I don't have a single cent left to put into this e-mail... so here we go!

 As for our week out here, honestly there is not too much to update you on. Elder Rentmeister and I have just been running around like Chickens with their heads cut off that some how manage to still have massive headaches despite being headless! :P haha! We are in the car a lot getting lost A LOT and unfortunately not teaching many lessons since our only solid investigator is now baptized and our other one had his parents tell him that he has to wait two more years so he can get baptized with his cousin... so that kind of stunk :P but it's ok! We have a lot of prospective investigators and still a lot of work to be done in general! We're also looking forward to the possibility or either of us getting transferred next week! So hopefully that doesn't happen since we're both pretty fresh in this area and since we both get along so well but no matter what happens it will be for the best and I will definitely let you folks know back home!!! Anyway, I've gotta run but thank you again for all that you do and know that I am praying for you always! Have a great week!

Aloha nui loa and Ofa atu!
 -Elder Powell

 p.s. This is one of our investigator's houses... definitely a foreign mission out here! haha

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