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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Malo e lelei, Lots of Rain, Serendipity


Malo e lelei!!
Sounds like everyone back home is having a great time which is awesome! I'm so glad to hear that!! :D I sure to miss the Faumuina's and every one back in Kane'ohe just as I miss all of you back home... however I have been trying my best to get to know and love everyone up here in Hauula, however that has presented a little bit of an issues as we are over three wards, my companion has hardly been here any longer than I have and two of our wards and in languages neither of us know so learning and remembering names and stories of people is much harder than my last area. It also doesn't help that our ward boundaries are huge and actually rather undefined. It's so crazy I'm already so sick of this area!!! .......nah just kidding I could never be sick of Hawaii or an area as beautiful as this!! :) ....but I am sick :P haha!

It's been raining a LOT recently and while thankfully we're not walking around we still have plenty exposure to the rain and with the "seasons" changing back already there has just been something in the air which unfortunately I already picked up. So anyway, honestly I don't have too much to update you folks on since my companion and I are just overwhelmed and just trying to stay afloat in all this stuff that the wards are flooding us with and at the same time my companion is just getting over being sick and I'm in the brute force of that same sickness (sometimes there are disadvantages to being around someone 24/7 :P haha) but just know that we are doing all that we can to try and get things in order and organize ourselves and the area book and our efforts with the wards so that things hopefully will soon become simpler and a little less overwhelming.

But in so more exciting news and little bit of Other Side of Heaven serendipity. We were woken up on Friday morning with a tap on our window (we were sleeping in because both of us had been up for the vast majority of the night with a terrible cough) and after groggily putting on my slippers (or flip flops for you haole's back home) I went around the corner of our house to find Brother Pouha standing by our gate. Joseph Pouha, Feki's son and father of the other Feki whom I met a while back in Kane'ohe! Turns out the Pouha's all live right there in Hauula and while they're not in any of the wards we cover Bro. Pouha is on the high council for the stake and was looking for some speaking partners in our Tongan ward that Sunday and so we quickly threw together some talks which we didn't end up giving because our Bishop was worried about going over time so he just had my companion bear his testimony and I just sat down in the congregation which I was fine with since I kind of looked like one of those Zombies in the royal grave in Kakariko Village in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. (ask Joe for a translation of that last sentence from Nerd to English.) Anyway, I get the strong feeling that that definitely will not be the last encounter of the Powell's and Pouha's while I am up in this area! :)

Well that's basically my entire update for this week. Just know that I love you all and I'm praying for you constantly and doing everything I can to carry on the examples you have set for me in serving others with love and service! I love you all! Until next week stay strong, carry on and don't forget to be awesome!! :D

Ofa atu!!

-Elder Powell

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