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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Transferred again


Happy Chineese New Year
I apologize, this week is going to really be short and probably not to interesting. It has been a VERY long and VERY rough week and honestly I'm still pushing my way through it. Anyway, I would rather not get into the details mostly because they are not mine to share. BUT! I definitely do want to let you know that I am being transferred again!!!! Crazy huh?! I was definitely not here long enough but I have enjoyed what time I’ve had. 

Anyway, as for my new area, I am packing my bags to fly over to the Big Island where I will serve in the Hilo zone with Elder Sellers in the Ka'u ward! It is the southernmost tip of the island and believe it or not the southernmost tip of all of America! So I'm half excited for that and half excited just to get off of Oahu! (although I'm not too excited about the rumored "rain collection" jars that they use for water over there.... definitely a third world country in some areas out here! haha! Anyway, I have to run but am so glad to hear that everyone is alive and kickin and hopefully keeps on kickin' it like cows (not really sure what that phrase is supposed to mean but it just came out... sorry I am REALLY tired!) I will definitely give you more of an update on everything in the coming weeks! Thank you again for all that you do! You mean more to me than I could ever begin to explain! I love you!

-Elder Powell

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